Using video in fundraising to build brand and increase results 1 year ago

Use of video has become an essential medium for modern-day fundraising.

Regardless of dwindling budgets and potentially a lack of expert resource, there’s been a definite shift towards using video to create compelling fundraising campaigns and share vital critical messaging. 

Long gone are the days of video creation being too time-consuming or too difficult. With most, if not all mobile devices having access to a modern video camera, video footage is easier than ever to capture, and its influence can no longer be ignored.

Why use video in fundraising campaigns?

Creates engagement

Words and images alone can be powerful enough to create action, but with so much online content to consume, the attention spans of audiences are becoming shorter by the day. 

A short, captivating video can hold attention and convey enough emotion to encourage someone to take action immediately. 

Creates a point of difference for campaigns

When you introduce video into your campaigns, you can get incredibly creative.

Some of the most inspiring fundraising campaigns of late are short, sharp, video footage – both raw and polished. 

Water is Life’s recent campaign is just two minutes long but tells a powerful story, highlights the tangible outcomes of support and instils hope in the viewer. You can watch it here.

Builds stronger relationships

It goes without saying that when you have someone on a screen in front of you, you’ll get to know and relate to them better.

This digital one-on-one relationship will build stronger relationships with potential and existing donors increasing the likelihood of support. Once a prospect has decided to give, thank you video footage will help build the relationship even further.

Creates a point of difference

Instagram stories, Facebook Live and Snap Chat are easily accessible social media apps. Using instant video-sharing tools can introduce an audience to the day-to-day, behind the scenes workings of your cause and engage donors and followers on a more personal level.

This increased level of engagement will also highlight differences between other charities which are also vying for the support of your donor. 

Tips for creating compelling video content

Be wary of getting carried away and over-sharing

Followers don’t want to see what you had for lunch; they want value.

Always have a donor-focused point to videos. Whether that’s highlighting the results of donations, showcasing the need for support, saying thank you, building a brand or purely to inspire donors that they’re making a difference in the world.

Video footage for the sake of it will turn people away.

Create an immediate impact

When browsing written articles, a reader can skim over the content and pay closer attention to the parts of interest.

This isn’t so simple with video and you must make an impact immediately. Let the viewer know within just a few seconds what they can expect for the rest of the video and give them a reason to stay tuned.

Make a series

Build anticipation by releasing videos in a two or three-part series. With a well-structured and compelling script, create urgency and encourage viewers to subscribe to the next part of the series, so they don’t miss out.

Review analytics and test thoroughly

Detailed analytics available through SupporterHub highlight who responds to video, which campaigns are the most effective and within which demographic. It’s even possible to tell which devices videos were viewed on. 

Assess click-through-rate, unsubscribe rate, and learn who took action after your video.

Thorough testing and analysis of accessible data will help use budgets efficiently and create future content that inspires. 

Tell your story

Don’t use video as a medium purely to ask for donations. Tell the story of your charity and help your audience get to know and understand more about your mission and the people behind it.

Regardless of comfort level in front of a camera, video is virtually non-negotiable in fundraising. Utilising statistics available through SupporterHub will help analyse the effectiveness of video campaigns, so you can adjust future campaigns to deliver ideal content that an audience responds to.

To find out more about how SupporterHub can help you analyse the success of video campaigns, contact us today.