Five steps to enhance digital experience for better fundraising outcomes

Publish Date - 05/09/2021

With more than 22 million Australians regularly using the internet, a supporter's digital experience is critical to fundraising outcomes. Here are five steps to improve digital experience for better fundraising outcomes.

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Launching a charity? How to choose a fundraising platform for startups

Publish Date - 24/08/2021

If you're trying to choose a fundraising platform for startups, regardless of your mission, here are the most important points to consider.

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Building a volunteer program post-COVID

Publish Date - 13/08/2021

As fundraising activities navigate towards a new normal, processes for many post-pandemic charities have had to adapt. Here are our recommendations for building and engaging a team of volunteers post-covid.

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Seven ways to avoid fundraising burnout

Publish Date - 04/08/2021

In any team environment, you must recognise and avoid fundraising burnout for the wellbeing of the whole team and its wider impact on the charity. Here are our suggestions to keep a fundraising team energised and avoid burnout.

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Seven ways charities can overcome the challenges of snap lockdowns to minimise the impact on fundraising outcomes

Publish Date - 27/07/2021

If you're currently in, facing, or preparing for lockdown, here are seven tips to overcome the challenges to minimise the impact on fundraising outcomes.

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Five common causes of donor attrition and how to stop this rate increasing

Publish Date - 19/07/2021

While a small amount of attrition is acceptable due to unavoidable changes in financial circumstances, much of the figure is within a charity's control. If donor attrition is on the rise for your charity, there might be avoidable causes. Here are the most common and SupporterHub's tips to keep this number low.

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How to overcome five common technical challenges faced by charities

Publish Date - 11/07/2021

There's no denying that the use of technology plays a critical role in helping charities achieve the very best in fundraising outcomes. Here are five of the most common technical challenges and our tips to overcome them.

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Why charities should prioritise regular giving and four tips to launch a program today

Publish Date - 02/07/2021

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to build an existing program, the new financial year is the time to prioritise regular giving. As charities recover from the loss of income and an unstable economic climate, there's no better time to prioritise monthly giving to create sustainability and build your charity into the future.

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Six New 'financial' Year's Resolutions to increase charity sustainability into the future

Publish Date - 23/06/2021

The new financial year is upon us! To create more sustainability for a charity into the new financial year and beyond, here are five New 'financial' Year's Resolutions for a charity to focus on in 2021-2022.

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How system integration is critical to improving fundraising outcomes

Publish Date - 14/06/2021

SupporterHub is an integrated SaaS platform that combines some of the most essential modules for a charity to operate efficiently. System integration has been proven to lead to better charity results in the following ways.

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How charities can build connection with supporters during times of isolation

Publish Date - 04/06/2021

Regardless of your fundraising best practice, as charities battle with a largely isolated supporter base into the future, here's how your organisation can create the connection required to help a donor reach their giving potential.

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Four things to consider when using Facebook as a supporter service tool

Publish Date - 26/05/2021

Facebook is a free social networking platform helping charities spread their message, increase brand awareness and boost fundraising outcomes. If you're using Facebook as a donor service tool, here are four things to consider.

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Fundraising tips for sporting clubs

Publish Date - 18/05/2021

From soccer to tennis, athletics and lawn bowls, sporting clubs provide members with an opportunity to improve fitness, play a role in society and represent the community on varying scales. If you manage a sporting club and you're looking for ways to raise vital funds, follow our foolproof tips below!

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End of financial year checklist: Maximise the peak season of giving to improve fundraising outcomes this financial year

Publish Date - 09/05/2021

The end of the financial year is fast approaching. And one thing we can say with certainty is that for the 2020/2021 tax year, 'unprecedented' doesn't even come close! Here is our tax time checklist to make sure every fundraising box has been ticked before closing the curtains on 2020/2021.

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Eight essential tips to boost any fundraising appeal

Publish Date - 01/05/2021

As we approach the end of the financial year, most (if not all) charities will have some sort of fundraising appeal in full swing. Here are eight of our top tips to boost results for the last fundraiser of the year.

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Everything you want to know about SupporterHub: Answers to the most common FAQs!

Publish Date - 22/04/2021

How do I know my data is safe? How much does it cost? How does it help me build better donor relationships? Find out the answers to these and more frequently asked questions about SupporterHub!

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Key considerations for data segmentation

Publish Date - 13/04/2021

Data segmentation is one of the most critical elements of a successful fundraising appeal. For effective segmentation of your next appeal, here are key factors to consider.

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A, B, C…SupporterHub’s comprehensive A-Z of digital fundraising

Publish Date - 06/04/2021

Digital fundraising is quickly taking its place in charities as standard protocol. As technology develops, traditional fundraising methods are becoming faster, more efficient and - when executed correctly - getting better results.

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How to give a fundraising strategy a digital boost to increase results

Publish Date - 25/03/2021

If you're looking for simple, cost-effective ways to give an existing fundraising strategy a digital boost, read on as we share our recommendations for harnessing developments in technology without overhauling currently effective systems.

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Six ways SupporterHub can help the end of financial year appeal reach pre-COVID targets!

Publish Date - 16/03/2021

SupporterHub is a fully integrated SaaS platform designed to streamline processes and help charities build better relationships to increase fundraising incomes. If the upcoming end of financial year appeal is filling you with dread rather than hope, here are six ways SupporterHub can help a charity reach pre-COVID targets.

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Digital fundraising: Questions to ask before launching a digital campaign

Publish Date - 07/03/2021

While creativity is an essential element of crafting a campaign that compels recipients to give, there are some firm rules that fundraisers must follow for the campaign to reach set targets.

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Five ways charities have evolved since the start of the global pandemic

Publish Date - 01/03/2021

2020 was undoubtedly one of the most significant years in the history of charities across the globe. Here are five ways we have witnessed charities evolve since the start of the global pandemic.

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Six ways a Board of Directors can contribute to a charity's growth

Publish Date - 21/02/2021

When asked to serve on the board of directors for a charity, one should make sure the position aligns with their personal and professional objectives. Here are six ways the board of directors can – and should - contribute to a charity's growth. .

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How to measure the success of a fundraising email campaign

Publish Date - 10/02/2021

Once a charity has designed an emotive email campaign that compels donors to give, the hard work for that appeal is far from over. Here are 10 important metrics to assess when analysing a fundraising email campaign.

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Five reasons online donations might be falling (that are nothing to do with COVID-19), and your digital solution

Publish Date - 01/02/2021

As we navigate the complexities of COVID-19, it's essential that, now more than ever, charities maximise every opportunity to receive online donations. Here are five common reasons digital donations might be falling (that are nothing to do with COVID-19), and our digital solution.

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How video technology is changing the future of fundraising

Publish Date - 21/01/2021

With lockdowns, isolation and social distancing becoming the norm in 2020, charities had no option but to substitute direct contact with video meetings to maintain and build relationships with key supporters. Read on to find out how video technology is changing the future of fundraising and should certainly play an important part in this year's fundraising strategy.

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Five fundraising trends that will increase results in 2021!

Publish Date - 13/01/2021

While there's no denying 2020 ended up being more reactive than strategic, many fundraising trends emerged from the global pandemic and many of them are here to stay in 2021. Read on to find out what charities should be doing more of into the New Year and beyond. .

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Five New Year's Resolutions to make 2021 the most profitable year yet for your charity!

Publish Date - 05/01/2021

New Year's Resolutions to make 2021 the best year yet for your charity!

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The most common digital challenges experienced by not-for-profits, and how to overcome them

Publish Date - 06/12/2020

If you're struggling to make digital progression, keep reading as we discuss some of the more common digital challenges experienced by not-for-profits and how you can overcome them.

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How technology helps set you apart from other charities and encourages donors to choose YOU!

Publish Date - 26/11/2020

If you're reviewing your digital fundraising planning for 2021, here are six ways utilising technology will help set you apart from other charities.

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Busting the five most common myths about digital fundraising

Publish Date - 15/11/2020

You don’t need us to tell you about the merits of digital fundraising, but some common myths do still exist about a digital strategy. Read on as we bust them all!

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The most common causes of donor fatigue, and how to avoid them during a pandemic

Publish Date - 05/11/2020

As the Christmas appeal gets underway, donor fatigue is something charities can often control. Here are some of the most common causes of donor fatigue, and how your charity can avoid them to make this your most successful appeal to date.

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How to launch a successful Giving Tuesday Campaign during COVID-19

Publish Date - 25/10/2020

This year, Giving Tuesday is on December 1. If you haven't already, it's time to start planning your campaign. Here are our tips for launching a successful Giving Tuesday Campaign during COVID-19.

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How technology has created more effective working practices for charities during COVID-19

Publish Date - 14/10/2020

Charities have had to adapt quickly to remain afloat. But rather than cower in a corner, we've witnessed many rise to the challenge. Here's how technology has played a significant part in keeping charities afloat during COVID-19.

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Six ways to boost a digital appeal that's failing to meet targets

Publish Date - 04/10/2020

If a digital appeal isn't hitting targets, here are six things you can do to boost a digital appeal starting today.

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How to improve the donor's digital giving experience to maximise fundraising outcomes

Publish Date - 24/09/2020

As the global pandemic sees more and more donors opt for digital giving, there's no shortage of ways for donors to support their favourite charity.

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Seven essential steps to launch a scalable charity efficiently

Publish Date - 17/09/2020

Launching a charity is one of the most rewarding professional choices you can make.

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Essential KPIs to measure the success of a Christmas appeal during a pandemic

Publish Date - 02/09/2020

As charities start the planning for their Christmas appeal, there's a sense of tension in the air.

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Nine tips to raise fundraising results during a pandemic

Publish Date - 27/08/2020

So far this year, most charities have abandoned their original 2020 goals and made it a mission merely to survive. But while it might seem like a downward slope from the outside, it's not all doom and gloom for fundraising.

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Fundraising into the future with online auctions

Publish Date - 25/08/2020

Charity auctions traditionally conjure up images of hustle and bustle as event attendees compete to enter the winning bid for prizes or incentives.

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How to implement a digital raffle to take fundraising to the next level

Publish Date - 20/08/2020

As developments in technology lead us to more sophisticated fundraising systems, it's now time to replace the traditional raffle with a more advanced digital raffle.

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How to turn bequest prospects into confirmed leads

Publish Date - 17/08/2020

The bequest program is one of the major keys to successful fundraising in an uncertain economic climate. Find out how to turn prospects into confirmed leads.

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Transparency during COVID-19: How to build trust with supporters to improve fundraising outcomes

Publish Date - 07/08/2020

the global pandemic and ensuing economic uncertainty have left many donors revisiting their giving habits.

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Dos and don'ts of integrating a new database into existing fundraising systems

Publish Date - 21/07/2020

Choosing a new fundraising database can be time consuming and overwhelming. Of course, the knowledge that long-term productivity will increase with more efficient systems in place can’t be overlooked.

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How to create an effective fundraising email

Publish Date - 16/07/2020

Email is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reach a fundraising audience. Not only is it cost-effective, you can also track valuable data such as click-through-rate, email opens and remove from lists requests.

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How choosing an effective CRM can boost fundraising income

Publish Date - 28/07/2020

We understand how overwhelming it can be for a charity to choose a new donor database, CRM or supporter management system.

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Tips to use SupporterHub to create a successful events page

Publish Date - 05/07/2020

Major and community events are the most effective way to collect donations, say thank you to donors, build supporter engagement and build your brand in the community.

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How to create an engaging donation page that compels supporters to give

Publish Date - 25/06/2020

The donation page is a single webpage used to raise awareness of a charity, campaign, or current appeal. Whether you have a website or not, the donation page is standalone and more targeted than a website and can help build online presence.

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How to boost a bequest program to secure the financial future of a charity

Publish Date - 07/06/2020

During times of economic uncertainty, charities must focus on the top end of the giving pyramid. As we know, there is nothing higher than future planned giving, otherwise known as the bequest program.

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How to make a success of your major donor program during uncertain times

Publish Date - 31/05/2020

When economic times are uncertain, the obvious strategy is to concentrate on donors at the higher end of the giving pyramid. Major donors have the potential to make more of an impact with their gift with less output from a potentially stretched team.

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Fundraising during an economic downturn: Eleven ways to keep a charity afloat when times are tough

Publish Date - 20/05/2020

2020 has already been one of the most unsettled years for charities across Australia, and indeed, the globe. While life is slowly starting to return to its new version of normal, the rest of this year and the short-term future remains uncertain for the economic climate.

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Why your charity website might not convert, and how you can fix it today

Publish Date - 12/05/2020

A website is often the first step in building the relationship between charities and potential supporters. Whether someone is Google searching, deliberately looking for your site or has stumbled across it through another form of marketing, your website needs to hold attention, build trust and engage an audience.

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How to prepare for contactless giving without deterring donors

Publish Date - 05/05/2020

As the world starts to move towards its new version of normal, charities will undoubtedly feel the impact of COVID-19 long into the future. Staff may be returning to the office, the appeals might still be running as planned, but there are some areas of fundraising that are unlikely to ever be the same again.

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Five ways SupporterHub can help advance fundraising programs during uncertain times

Publish Date - 29/04/2020

For many charities, this recent period of unrest may have been about little more than survival. As the world slowly started to close, many have found themselves struggling to stay afloat. At SupporterHub, however, during these unprecedented times,

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Five ways to prepare a charity for life after covid-19

Publish Date - 21/04/2020

For many, it currently feels like the charity sector has recently ground to a halt. With community fundraising strictly off limits and donors becoming more discerning with their luxury spending, 2019-2020 budgets are anything but on target. The …

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Part two: how to run an end of financial year appeal in the middle of a global pandemic

Publish Date - 13/04/2020

Take it online: Six steps to a successful tax appeal when direct mail is no longer practical As charities adjust to a new normal during the COVID-19 crisis, one element that can’t be overlooked is the looming end …

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Part one: how to run an end of financial year appeal in the middle of a global pandemic

Publish Date - 06/04/2020

As the planning for the last fundraising push of the financial year is well underway, a global pandemic such as the current COVID-19 crisis will undoubtedly disrupt timelines and plans. We’ve been asked many times whether charities should...

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Fundraising from home: how to keep the charity wheels turning while working remotely

Publish Date - 25/03/2020

There’s no denying fundraising is a frontline profession. While much of the work required to manage successful programs is completed behind the scenes, face-to-face engagement (including community events) is critical to fundraising outcomes. Unfortunately for charities, in these

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Helpful resources during the covid-19 crisis

Publish Date - 16/03/2020

We understand the developing COVID-19 crisis is a worrying time for charities with many being forced to react on a daily and even hourly basis. Charities form the backbone of the community so it’s in our interests to...

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How charities should respond

Publish Date - 08/03/2020

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the verge of becoming a pandemic (edit, as of March 11 The coronavirus outbreak has now been labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organisation), the world is watching on in fear as businesses close and local and wider communities consider self-isolation.

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Dos and don'ts of digital fundraising

Publish Date - 02/03/2020

Digital fundraising utilises developments in technology to create fundraising campaigns and systems that are faster, smarter and more effective for charities.

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What charities can learn from celeste barber's

Publish Date - 24/02/2020

As of March 2020, not a single cent of the $51 million (approx.) raised by Celeste Barber’s Facebook campaign back in January has been spent on those affected by the bushfires that ravaged Australia.

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What data analysis can teach you

Publish Date - 17/02/2020

Harnessing the power of data in a fundraising environment can breed the misconception that charities lose a valuable connection with donors.

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Common digital fundraising mistakes and how to rectify them today!

Publish Date - 09/02/2020

Sophisticated developments in digital technology over recent years really do mean that the world is our fundraising oyster. Digital campaigns and processes within a professional fundraising environment allow a charity to reach donors quickly and for relatively low ...

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Four essential elements of a successful grant application

Publish Date - 03/02/2020

As an ongoing funding source, grant income can be one of the most difficult to predict. With successful applications depending on the pool of funds available, the trust or foundation’s primary purpose for that particular round, and the ...

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Five steps to modernise fundraising

Publish Date - 20/01/2020

Taking fundraising into the future can be a nerve-wracking journey for charity leaders. While developing programs, systems and initiatives is a gradual process, change is often met with resistance and can cause short-term disruption leading to a temporary ...

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How to attract corporate sponsorship opportunities

Publish Date - 13/01/2020

Corporate sponsorship is a partnership opportunity that benefits both businesses and charities alike. As a charity, attracting the sponsorship of local businesses through a monthly or annual giving program will help build future income and contribute to sustainability. ...

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Three things all charities should do during a national crisis

Publish Date - 05/01/2020

At the time of publishing, Australia is in its fourth month of the worst bushfire season in the country’s history. The current death toll (January 2020) stands at 28, 1.25 billion animals have been wiped out, and an …

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Seven new year’s resolutions that will increase a charity’s impact in 2020

Publish Date - 28/12/2019

The start of a new year is always a time filled with promise for a charity. Energy levels have been restored. Staff are motivated. And with a blank canvas for the year ahead comes a time to do...

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What to look for when choosing a donor management system

Publish Date - 22/12/2019

As any charity leader can attest, outgrowing systems can quickly become a drain on both time and resources. Processes become clunky, data integrity is at risk, and efficiencies are compromised as the team becomes reactive rather than strategic...

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Five ways to encourage monthly giving

Publish Date - 15/12/2019

Five ways to encourage monthly giving Structured and well thought out monthly giving programs are the building blocks of successful fundraising. In a sector where countless worthy causes all vie for the donated dollar, monthly giving is a reliable program that can help predict...

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How to keep donors engaged to build future income

Publish Date - 06/12/2019

Successful fundraising that helps a charity achieve its mission doesn’t begin and end with the donated dollar. Donors play a critical role in keeping the wheels of a not-for-profit turning, and they must remain engaged continuously to build...

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Giving tuesday wrap up – donor stewardship starts where the campaign ends.

Publish Date - 03/12/2019

You created the campaign. You shared the hashtags. And now you’re reflecting on what was, we hope, a successful Giving Tuesday that will have a powerful impact in helping your charity or non-profit further achieve its mission. Giving...

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Optimise your donation landing page for maximum results

Publish Date - 28/11/2019

A donation landing page is a single web page containing all necessary information about a current appeal. The landing page is often standalone to the website and contains only the specific information required to encourage prospective donors to...

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How to get involved in giving tuesday without compromising a christmas appeal

Publish Date - 26/11/2019

Giving Tuesday is in its seventh year as a global campaign initiated by the United Nations. In response to the consumer culture created by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday promotes spending in a much more positive...

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How the fourth industrial revolution is transforming the way not-for-profits operate

Publish Date - 27/11/2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution can be defined by the extensive use of cyber-physical systems that are quickly taking over every area of personal and professional life. Algorithms and the internet control cyber-physical systems which profoundly distort the boundaries...

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Maximise a christmas e-appeal: an essential guide to boost the last fundraising campaign of the year

Publish Date - 17/11/2019

As the season of giving reaches its crescendo, it’s time to organise the Christmas e-appeal. You’ve worked hard all year and this is the last opportunity to roundup 12 months of hard work and for one final fundraising...

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Five easy ways to embrace digital technology in the fundraising office

Publish Date - 12/11/2019

Five easy ways to embrace digital technology in the fundraising office

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What is supporterhub and how does it increase fundraising results and performance?

Publish Date - 10/11/2019

SupporterHub is an integrated supporter management and fundraising platform that maximises the capacity of charities to increase the impact of their cause.

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Your questions answered: why is supporterhub the best donor management platform for your charity?

Publish Date - 10/11/2019

SupporterHub is a low-cost platform for change that increases efficiencies for charities which rely on fundraising for income.

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Gifts in wills: four ways to advance your bequest program

Publish Date - 18/03/2019

Bequests are the pinnacle of the fundraising pyramid and for a good reason.

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Six ways to create transparency to build trust with not-for-profit stakeholders

Publish Date - 04/03/2019

Anyone with experience in a non-profit environment will tell you there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work involved in keeping the wheels of a charity turning

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Donor management software to grow a not-for-profit: five reasons to take advantage of supporterhub's free trial

Publish Date - 03/03/2019

When it comes to donor management software, we understand that charities which rely on fundraising for income have a lot of choice.

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Regular giving: upsell tips to increase monthly income

Publish Date - 03/03/2019

Regular giving is the fundraising program that arguably achieves the highest return for the lowest output.

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A brand is for life, not just for christmas: how to build a charity brand to achieve fundraising success

Publish Date - 28/02/2019

While appeals and marketing material are central to fundraising communications, the plight of a worthy cause isn’t the only form of messaging that leads to a charity’s success.

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How to prevent donor fatigue

Publish Date - 26/02/2019

According to recent research published by Pro Bono Australia, the number of Australians giving to charity is declining year upon year. Rightly so, these findings are of grave concern for not-for-profits which rely on donations for income.

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Tracking a capital campaign for fundraising success

Publish Date - 24/02/2019

Capital campaigns, or bricks-and-mortar campaigns as they’re often known, usually refer to fundraising campaigns that go above and beyond the general budgetary requirements of a charity or not-for-profit.

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Avoid five common mistakes that frustrate donors

Publish Date - 20/02/2019

Central to the success of any fundraising campaign is the connection a charity builds with its donors.

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Five tips to create a captivating case for support

Publish Date - 16/02/2019

A case for support is a high-level document that provides the foundation for which all philanthropic support is received.

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Peer-to-peer fundraising: three strategic steps to maximise income

Publish Date - 03/02/2019

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a method of engaging with supporters who fundraise within their network on a charity’s behalf.

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Pros and cons of impact investment: is it a viable source of revenue for your charity?

Publish Date - 02/02/2019

Impact investment is a relatively new concept designed to improve social outcomes for a charity while offering a financial return to a company or full-profit investor.

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What makes a successful charity leader?

Publish Date - 02/02/2019

In 100% of cases, a charity is founded and led through the early days by someone with a sincere desire to improve outcomes for a vulnerable social group, and the solution on how to do it.

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Five easy places to find new donors you may not have considered

Publish Date - 30/01/2019

Donor acquisition must remain a priority strategy for small to medium sized charities looking to increase their impact on society.

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Impact measurement recommendations to create better outcomes for a charity

Publish Date - 28/01/2019

Impact measurement is one of the most significant markers of a charity’s success.

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Turn prospects into donors in three easy steps

Publish Date - 27/01/2019

Charity events are more than just an opportunity to raise funds.

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How a charity can harness the power of paid facebook ads

Publish Date - 22/01/2019

Paid Facebook ads are a relatively modern marketing tool that can add an extra dimension to a multi-layered fundraising strategy.

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Charity social media: build and engage a social media audience to increase online impact

Publish Date - 07/01/2019

Building an audience and maintaining an active and effective social media presence is not as easy as it used to be.

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Get to know your donor: the importance of donor surveys to help your charity grow

Publish Date - 07/01/2019

It’s easy to assume you know your donors well.

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Work smarter not harder: five ways to improve efficiencies within a busy fundraising office

Publish Date - 06/01/2019

With the best of intentions, charities are rarely established with streamlined processes in place, ample resource and access to appropriate equipment.

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How to drive traffic to a charity website to build relationships and increase fundraising opportunities

Publish Date - 06/01/2019

In today’s digital age, there’s no escaping the need for a user-friendly, functional website.

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