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Millennials – born anywhere between 1981 and 1996 – are renowned for their technology-based lifestyle.

With the world at their fingertips largely since the day they were born, millennials could swipe before they could talk and are unlikely to have ever written a cheque.

And, with every new generation comes a new way to fundraise.

While traditional fundraising programs such as direct mail and community events must still form a crucial part of any strategy to raise income, the needs of the donor are continually changing, and it’s vital that fundraising strategies are evolving to meet them.

With the ‘net generation’ fast becoming your target audience, here are eight reliable ways to connect with the millennial donor to guarantee fundraising income into the future.

Get creative on social media

Millennials run their lives through social media. While you need an active social media presence regardless of your target audience, it’s vital that your campaigns are unique and innovative to appeal to the millennial and keep their attention.

Millennials have access to a lot of content over many different platforms so utilise cutting-edge video editing, interviews, and focus on the point of difference. The more creative a campaign, the more a millennial will be encouraged to give.

Additionally, always make sure your content is shareable to harness the power of the whirlwind that can occur on social media once you start grabbing the attention of the younger generation. Create campaigns with content that could potentially go viral, and always offer incentives for people to share.

Optimise content so it’s mobile friendly

Website traffic, social media, and email campaigns must all be optimised for mobile friendliness. Millennials quite literally have the world at their fingertips, and if a website is clunky, slow to load, or hard to use, they’ll go somewhere else. Quickly.

If you’re not immediately and seamlessly telling a millennial what it is you want them to do, and how they should do it, you risk their attention being diverted somewhere else.

Don’t use cliché selling tactics

Online messages are evolving and all the selling tactics in the book won’t help you connect with a millennial unless they believe in your messaging. While creating urgency is a foolproof traditional sales method, millennials may be harder to impress. If you give a millennial 24 hours to donate and they’re not yet ready, they’ll go somewhere else when they are ready.

Instead of focusing solely on urgency, also create compelling campaigns that touch a nerve and encourage someone to give immediately of their own accord.

Focus on volunteering opportunities

It’s well-known that millennials are purpose-driven in their approach to employment and often prefer to give their time instead of money.

Consider how you can collaborate with local businesses and organisations to engage with their workforce rather than directly appealing financially to the millennial. Create unique opportunities for millennials to get involved in your cause without giving financially.

Focus on instant gratification

Millennials are well known for making fast decisions without planning or structuring their giving.

Focus campaigns on giving instant gratification by letting a millennial know their support will immediately impact your cause.

Implement internal systems to automate receipting and onboarding emails to keep the millennial engaged after they’ve given.

If your existing programs can’t automate contact, SupporterHub has an automated marketing feature that can send emails immediately to keep the millennial connected to your cause from the moment they give.

Give options

Millennials have a lot of choices and are less restricted by habits or tradition than their Generation Y and baby boomer counterparts.

Provide lots of options on how a millennial can donate including online through a payment gateway, PayPal, Apple Pay, or even After Pay rather than restricting giving to Visa and Mastercard.

Empower the donor

Donor empowerment should be at the heart of any fundraising campaign however millennials notoriously want to make a difference in the world.

Personalise correspondence so the donor is in no doubt that you’re focussing on them and that their individual contribution has made a difference.

Use apps

The easier, faster, and more creative your giving options, the more likely to spark the attention of a millennial. Consider roundup apps, integrating your campaigns with existing social media apps, or even create your own app to share your appeals.

According to Forbes, by 2020, 46% of the workforce will be made up of millennials. Millennials are evolving the way we look at giving and as they’re soon to form half of the working population, it’s vital that your fundraising strategy progresses in line with this.

To find out how SupporterHub can help make your fundraising strategy ‘millennial-friendly’ contact us today.