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Charity events are more than just an opportunity to raise funds.

While showcasing the plight for support and encouraging attendees to donate is a focal point, events also provide the chance to strengthen your cause by building a database of prospective supporters.

Raffles, sales, auctions and competitions are excellent resources for gathering data that can turn prospects who have shown a warm interest in a cause, into donors who contribute to income.

Once the event is over, don’t let valuable data go to waste. Follow three simple steps to turn prospects into donors:

1.Create individual prospect records in your CRM

Raffle ticket stubs, spreadsheets, and files full of email addresses are of little value post-event unless you do something with them.

As soon as the event is over, create individual records in your CRM and tag the file as a ‘prospect’.

Those individuals have the potential to support a cause financially so make sure data is entered accurately. Use the correct title, spell names and addresses correctly and consider any privacy requests.

After a major event, entering many leads into a database can be a time-consuming task that may never reach the top of a priority list. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with prospects, allocate the task to an administrative volunteer to make sure data is uploaded in a timely manner.

SupporterHub is a donor management platform which allows you to set access levels for different user groups. Volunteers can create new donor records without having access to high-level or confidential payment information to avoid compromising donor privacy.

2. Create a prospect email list

Once the prospect records are in the CRM, make the first contact sooner rather than later while the event is still fresh in their memory.

At this stage, you’re unlikely to know too much about the prospect apart from they attended your event, or they’re interested in something you’ve offered.

Design a structured, automated email onboarding sequence that tells your story and builds a relationship over a series of emails./p>

SupporterHub provides an email marketing automation platform that will send a series of emails within your chosen parameters so you can start to build and nurture relationships turning a prospect into a donor.

Once you’ve created an onboarding sequence, define rules to move email addresses to another list by tracking their actions on the website.

You must communicate with followers using appropriate language so as soon as someone stops being a ‘prospect’ and becomes a ‘donor’, automate the process to adjust communications accordingly.

Once you’ve created an email list and onboarding sequence, the communication journey will begin automatically once the prospect is uploaded in SupporterHub so you can use your resources elsewhere.

Things to include in a prospect onboarding sequence:

  • Find out why there were at your event
  • Tell them who you are
  • Tell them how they can help/li>
  • Build up a case for support/li>
  • Give testimonials of how their support can help
  • Avoid asking for a donation instead focus on soft options of how they can support (such as volunteering or holding an event)

3. Make sure your website is donor-ready

Once a prospect starts receiving regular communication from you, they’re likely to refer to your website for more information. Your website is your opportunity to share more information about your cause, your mission and let someone know how they can support you.

Make sure your website is donor-orientated and pre-empts and answers questions while creating a compelling case for support. You must meet potential objections of website visitors to maximise the opportunity to turn prospects into donors.

SupporterHub provides back-end user data showing who’s clicked links provided by you, and any action taken while logged in. This valuable data helps you identify prospects who are interested in your communication so you can further tailor correspondence towards their needs.

Tips to make your website donor-ready

  • Make sure the donate page is clear and easy to navigate
  • Identify potential objections in the copy
  • Make sure content is compelling and in line with your brand

Bringing new prospects into the family organically is the cheapest and most efficient way to grow your donor database. Integrate internal administration processes with SupporterHub to increase the likliehood of turning prospects into donors and help your charity thrive.

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