Why SupporterHub?

SupporterHub is the only digital CRM platform your not-for-profit will ever need. Seamlessly manage your data, fundraising and donor engagement all in one system.

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Why Not-for-Profits Love SupporterHub

"SupporterHub has been a huge gamechanger for us! The support from the team is better than anything we've known. We can talk to supporters more appropriately and our systems are much more efficient"

Sharon Keeley's Cause

"From setting up the back end, integrating with the website, data transfer and utilising Supporterhub capacity to it's fullest potential, we know that the platform will help Project Kindness grow to its maximum capacity"

Clem Project Kindness

"SupporterHub enables our network of shelters and our central head office to manage all communications, donor records, fundraising and stakeholder records all in one place. SupporterHub is user-friendly, relaible and built with the non-for-profit as the focus client"

Sallianne Women's Community Shelters

See how you can build donation and event pages, email marketing campaigns and take your charity's fundraising to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Ready to start making the move and have some questions? No worries, here are the most frequently asked questions people ask!
Can I bring my data across from my current platform?

SupporterHub has instant data import tools to allow you to quickly and easily move your data into the platform. 

What is the benefit of investing in a CRM?

Having a CRM will assist with increased donor retention and donor lifetime value. A CRM will help you engage your donors and keep them informed about how your nonprofit goals are going. It is a lot easier and more cost effective to nurture an existing donor than to find a brand new donor and motivate them to donate to your cause. 

What is the benefit of using an all in one fundraising platform?

When you use an all in one fundraising platform you have all of your donor data from various fundraising campaigns in one place. This allows you to re-engage and communicate with all of your past and present donors effectively 

What if I'm unsure which package is right for me?

SupporterHub offers a free 14 day trial so that you can explore the platform before getting started.

Once you are ready, we also have no long term contracts and you can cancel at anytime.

Get the most out of your fundraising campaigns with our onboarding packages!​

At SupporterHub, we believe that fundraisers should focus on engaging with their donors rather than spending time with complicated systems and campaign setups. 

That’s why all of our plans come with a self-onboarding package, or you can also choose one of our Assisted Onboarding packages. Our industry experts will support you through the onboarding process and save hours of work for you, so you can launch your best-ever fundraising campaign as quickly as possible. 

” Setting up the fully branded fundraising pages only takes a few minutes and gives various options to personalise your content for the donors. “
Project Kindness

“User-friendly and upfront while underpinned by a solid, reliable and accurate backend.” Women’s Community Shelters
” Setting up the fully branded fundraising pages only takes a few minutes and gives various options to personalise your content for the donors. ” Project Kindness

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