Keeley’s Cause

While Keeley’s Cause is a fast-growing national charity, like most NFPs, operations began from a desk in the lounge room working from spreadsheets, paper resources and sticky notes.

When Keeley’s mum and director, Sharon Murphy, approached SupporterHub in March of this year, the charity that wasn’t quite three years young, was on the cusp of receiving $90,000 in donations that annum.

It was critical they found a system that could securely keep all data in one place and that allowed them to get a good handle on fundraising events. The charity has grown rapidly, and Sharon was desperate to find an online solution that could facilitate more efficient data handling and communication with donors.

At SupporterHub, we spend a lot of time with our charity partners. Rather than providing a product and leaving customers to work it out for themselves, our ongoing objective is to build relationships and continue to get a better understanding of how we can provide a system that helps charities better achieve their mission.

Sharon said, “SupporterHub has been a huge gamechanger for us for the following reasons:”

“It’s cheaper than any other system we looked at”

“Keeley’s cause receives no funding and is run by volunteers. Finding a cost-effective solution was important. Because SupporterHub was purpose-built for charities, there are no expensive add-on modules and absolutely everything we need is included in one monthly subscription. This has allowed us to keep our costs low so every cent raised can be spent on providing iPads to those who need them.”

“We can talk to supporters more appropriately”

“SupporterHub records everyone and takes all the work out of building a database.”

As Keeley’s Cause grows, Sharon understands how important it is to communicate with supporters based on their giving history and goals. Being able to acknowledge business supporters, individuals and community supporters appropriately means they’re building better relationships leading to better fundraising outcomes.

“Our processes are much more efficient”

“SupporterHub means we no longer need to rely on spreadsheets, emails and sticky notes that are easy to lose. It now takes a fraction of the time to look at a donor’s record and understand their full history with us. Everything is in one place saving us time and making processes much more efficient”.

“The support from the team is better than anything else we’ve known”

“Implementing any new system can cause teething issues but perhaps the best thing about SupporterHub is that the team is always on hand to help us through it. Rather than waiting for an automated email or getting a call back within a week, there are always real people to talk to. SupporterHub listens to our suggestions on how they can make the system even better for us and other charities”.

“The transfer of data was easy”

“Our biggest worry was data transfer. As a charity that started in my lounge room, we had information everywhere. It was in spreadsheets, word documents, and even saved in emails. We knew it would be a big process to get all the details into one system and we were apprehensive. Well, it turned out to be the easiest thing ever!

SupporterHub helped us split the donors into groups, so we knew who we were talking to. They fully supported us through the whole process and knowing they’ve had a lot of experience working with many different charities with various systems in place allayed our fears.”

While the charity raised $90,000 last year, Keeley’s vision is bigger than New South Wales. It’s her long-term goal that once the iPads are upgraded, the original equipment is sent to those in developing countries to provide access to better learning for those less fortunate.

With a global vision, Sharon knows that SupporterHub is a system that can help Keeley’s Cause grow. Their personal experience has shown that if there’s a feature or module they need, SupporterHub will work towards getting it.

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