Charities: Using gamification to increase your fundraising efforts 1 year ago

Has your charity been looking for progressive ways to boost engagement with your members and potential donors?

Would you like to raise more awareness of your charity and fundraising campaigns while improving business relationships?

If so, perhaps consider gamification as a digital option that will help you engage with your donors and target audience in an effort to enhance your fundraising and boost your results.

What is gamification?

Gamification is a fundamental concept that uses the elements of games to motivate and engage. We know that people enjoy playing computer and video games every day and tapping into the power of gamification is a progressive way to avoid same-same fundraising campaigns and embrace your donors using digital mediums.

Gamification introduces game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking into your business to motivate participation of members, engage and create loyalty.

Types of programs can include applications for a competition, options to gain points, games to promote ‘winning’ and gaining ‘achievements’, goals, feedback, collaboration and transparency.

Other gamification elements that are often included in successful fundraising campaigns can consist of digital badges, leaderboards, quests and incentives. The applications can secure new investment, build up a team and target new supporters, all while creating a buzz for your charity!

Why your charity should consider using gamification for your next campaign

In a nutshell, gamification works.

It does so by motivating the user by offering chance, mystery, rewards, competition and cooperation among players. The user believes that they can accomplish the task and that it won’t be too hard.

This exciting and effective tool has been increasingly used across the sector and is gaining some serious momentum.

Community members love to take part in something that is new, dynamic, fun and engaging – making the concept of gamification a real winner for charities. This concept can reward the not-for-profit participants with intrinsic activity and keep them more involved with your fundraising process.

Benefits of gamification for charities

There are many advantages to introducing gamification which include:

  • Boosts engagement
  • Improves productivity
  • Increases motivation for employees
  • Creates healthy competition among groups
  • Generates a buzz
  • Encourages customer loyalty
  • Targets new supporters
  • Builds a sense of community among supporters
  • Maximises exposure for charities
  • Is not complicated and is simple for all users regardless of age or ability
  • Helps build brand awareness

Things to consider when introducing gamification:

  • Ensure that your cause is in the spotlight and is not overshadowed by the use of gamification
  • Don’t over complicate gamification because it can become complex and expensive and defeat the purpose of your strategy.
  • Don’t decide to implement gamification because your competitor is using it, ensure that you have a clear intent

Gamification case studies

There have been many organisations that have had great success by adding an element of gamification.

PETA is an American charity that created an iPhone application that helps their supporters save animals. It encourages users of the application to sign petitions and then rewards the action with badges. It has been a powerful and effective tool that has helped PETA’s supporters win numerous victories.

Dryathlon is another excellent campaign used by Cancer Research UK to engage with donors on a digital level using gamification. Cancer Research UK uses gamification in specific campaigns to encourage participants to become a ‘dryathlete’ and not drink alcohol for 31 days. This campaign tracks progress offers a leaderboard and creates a competitive vibe.

Other successful fundraising campaigns include elements of gamification by encouraging participants to sign up online, create virtual teams and share their journey on social media platforms.

Is your organisation ready to boost fundraising using gamification?

The main objectives for charities are to raise more money, build brand awareness and attract more supporters.

Gamification helps the fundraising process by offering fun and excitement to potential donors while accessing a more extensive network of people.

The gamification process is effectively a business tool that can help to increase engagement levels with customers and employees and is suited to small to medium size fundraising charities.

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