Eight fundraising trends to watch out for in 2022

As 2022 is fast approaching, here are some emerging fundraising trends we can expect to see into the New Year and beyond.

As charities head towards the end of yet another turbulent year, it’s clear that the global pandemic has changed the way fundraisers will operate long into the future.

Where the sector was once clinging on for dear life, charities have evolved and harnessed innovation to achieve results. Some even better than before.

As 2022 is fast approaching, here are some emerging fundraising trends we can expect to see into the New Year and beyond.

Video meetings with supporters will be more popular

In 2020, charities were forced to change the way they communicated with donors. In the upcoming year, we can expect to see more face-to-face video meetings initiated by choice. Having the convenience of technology has undoubtedly proven to save travel time and reduce costs while increasing performance. Of course, in-person contact is always relevant, but video meetings will become accepted, particularly for those donors who are now time poor as they’re back to leading their busy lives.

Remote working will become more common

Throughout the pandemic, fundraising teams rose to the challenge of working from home and being separated during lockdowns. In many cases, teams achieved even better results.

As employees have rushed back to the office post-lockdown, it’s been noted throughout the sector that remote working is just as effective as the whole team under one roof. As long as collaborative tools are used to the best of their capacity, we can expect to see more teams working remotely regularly.

System integration will become non-negotiable

As fundraising programs and targets grow, it will become essential to have systems that communicate to reduce room for error and maximise efficiencies.

An end-to-end picture of a supporter’s donation and contact history with a charity linked to the website and campaign marketing platform is essential to build stronger relationships and enhance fundraising outcomes.

Digital fundraising to become the norm, not the exception

There will always be a place for direct mail. But keep your finger on the pulse in 2022 as more direct mail campaigns will be layered or replaced completely with digital elements such as email marketing and social media. Digital fundraising is more cost-efficient and gives a greater insight into donor behaviour to create more effective campaigns for the future. A successful campaign can be managed using digital elements alone saving time and money while increasing results.

Predicted rise in the use of QR codes

Quick Response Codes are popping up everywhere, and fundraising is no exception. QR codes allow the donor to access donation links quickly, easily and while they’re still at the point of considering donating. Not only can QR codes give the supporter further information, but they can also put it right at their fingertips and store payment information. Giving can now be as simple as scanning a code!

Cashless donations on the rise

In 2022, charities will give supporters more options than ever to donate without cash. From Tap and Go, Apple Wallet on a watch or phone and SMS donations, everyone will be able to make a gift without reaching for their wallet. With online security of paramount importance, donor confidence is growing making a range of options available for success.

Virtual events will increase in popularity

While virtual events were the saviour in 2021, charities will now choose to hold their events virtually. Taking fundraisers online has encouraged a greater reach and given more opportunities for participation over a wider geographical area while keeping costs low.

In 2022, we can expect to see a virtual element of most major fundraisers with innovative systems in place to support them.

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