Everything you need to know to prepare for a SupporterHub demonstration 1 year ago

By the time you get to the stage of arranging a demo for your new CRM, it’s likely you’ve been studying your donor database options for a while.

Weighing up pros and cons.

Analysing features and specifications.

Comparing budgets.

At the point you’re ready to view a system and learn more about its capacity to help you streamline procedures and further your mission in the community, it can often be more daunting than exciting, and you may feel a little overwhelmed with how to prepare.

We want you to get the most out of your demo and give you everything you need to make an informed decision about whether SupporterHub is the most suitable CRM to meet your requirements. To prepare thoroughly, follow these recommendations:

Get the timing right

The timing of your demo is crucial.

There’s little point arranging a demo if you’ve only just started to look at systems and you don’t have anything to compare SupporterHub with.

We also recommend that you’re at the point where you have an understanding of your basic requirements from a CRM, yet you still have enough time before your implementation deadline for us to prescribe the most efficient solution.

If you need a new system before the start of a financial year, arranging your demo in June, while not impossible, may leave you short on time.

Similarly, if you’re 12 months out of needing your new database, a lot can change for your organisation, so the demo may not yet be relevant.

We recommend leaving between three and six months between your initial demo before your proposed installation date.

Include all relevant staff

Round up all staff who are likely to use the system, plus IT personnel who will implement and maintain the system.
SupporterHub offers a 24-hour support service however the system will need to be integrated with your networks and infrastructure, so we’ll need to liaise with your IT department.
From both the front and back-end perspective, as many sets of eyes on the project in the initial stages will help troubleshoot and prevent problems before they start.

Prepare a list of scenarios

Make a list of situations you deal with both regularly and not so regularly. You may think the features in your existing system work well enough, but we may have a more efficient solution which can save you time, money and energy.

If we can analyse your existing procedures and processes, and discuss case studies. we can provide the most effective solution.
Some of your processes may be incredibly labour intensive, and our combination of technical skill and fundraising experience will help you analyse front-end processes and devise a solution to help you save time.

Make a wish list

Make a physical list of all the features you already have and another of those you want.

Get the whole team involved as there could be features they regularly utilise that you aren’t aware of. Other team members may also have plans they haven’t verbalised, and SupporterHub could help bring those to fruition. Mention everything, even if you don’t think it’s relevant.

Ensure adequate internet connection

SupporterHub is cloud-based, so we need access to a secure and robust network connection for your demo, plus a backup connection to avoid having to abandon the demo if something goes wrong.

Your demo can be carried out face-to-face or via video call so in either scenario we’ll also need you to have access to a quiet meeting or boardroom where sound quality won’t be interrupted.

Take advantage of a free trial

For a limited time, SupporterHub is offering two free trial licenses so users can trial the program and see how it will integrate into existing systems. During this time, a representative of SupporterHub is available at all times to answer questions and offer further guidance on the system.

To arrange a demo for SupporterHub, please contact us today.