Everything you want to know about SupporterHub: Answers to the most common FAQs!

How do I know my data is safe? How much does it cost? How does it help me build better donor relationships? Find out the answers to these and more frequently asked questions about SupporterHub!

SupporterHub is raising the benchmark in donor software.

Not only does the innovative system include everything required to build better charity-donor relationships as standard, but it is an integrated system that helps charities streamline processes to increase efficiencies across a busy fundraising office.

Not only that, but our truly unique point of difference is that the innovative SaaS was specifically designed by those with charity experience to provide a solution to the unique challenges faced by not-for-profits. We understand what charities need and have built an integrated system to meet those specific requirements.

Q: Are there any add-on modules?

A: No! Every module you need to build better relationships with donors is included in the standard subscription. From donor relationship management software to email marketing and detailed analytics and reporting, everything you need is included in the out-of-the-box package.

Q: Can I access SupporterHub from anywhere?

A: Yes! SupporterHub is cloud-based which means all you need to access donor information on the go is a stable internet connection and a laptop. Work from the home, office, or even on location from donor meetings!

Q: How do I know my data will be safe during transfer?

A: SupporterHub provides a fully assisted data transfer and de-duping process to make sure data is uploaded in the safest and most secure way.

Q: What if I experience technical problems?

A: Our technical support team is on to assist with any technical issues regarding data transfer, network and password issues or user challenges.

Q: How does SupporterHub increase efficiencies in a fundraising office?

A: Supporter Hub is an integrated platform containing modules that help a charity build better relationships with its donors. SupporterHub connects websites with email marketing campaigns and the donor database so that all data is uploaded correctly completely removing the need to double handle any data.

The sophisticated data and analytics module allows users to thoroughly analyse appeal data allowing charities to make adjustments mid-campaign to boost results for current and future appeals.

Further, the online auction and raffle modules provide community fundraising and engagement opportunities that are convenient, cost-effective and most importantly, successful.

Q: Does SupporterHub help with reporting?

A: Absolutely! A sophisticated data, analytics and reporting module that allows you to analyse appeals and donor behaviour is included as standard. It can also help you create clear and concise reporting suitable for board and other reporting. Standard reports are available or create your own to meet the unique needs of your charity.

Q: Will SupporterHub help a charity ‘go digital’?

A: SupporterHub is one of the most effective methods for digitalising procedures. Move all data onto one integrated system and create digital email campaigns that are based on a more in-depth level of understanding of donor behaviour. You can also create individual fundraising pages that link to the donor database and move fundraising initiatives such as auctions and raffles online.

Q: How can I try it?

A: We’re currently offering a FREE trial to all charities! You don’t need a credit card and we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.To find out about our FREE trial (no credit card required) and learn how SupporterHub can help take your charity to the next level, click

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Charity CRM Software plays a pivotal role in streamlining operational processes, enriching donor relationships, and amplifying the influence of charitable initiatives. 

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SupporterHub’s ability to integrate with more products than its competitors makes it stand out in the market. But don’t just take our word for it; check out the comparison chart and see for yourself.

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SupporterHub is an All-in-One Charity CRM and fundraising platform purpose-built in Australia for the charity and not-for-profit sector.

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