Five easy ways to embrace digital technology in the fundraising office 5 months ago

Five easy ways to embrace digital technology in the fundraising office

You already know that developments in the digital space are the way to your donor’s giving hearts.

You’ve learnt all about new technology, and you know that moving towards more progressive systems will build multiple revenue streams to help achieve your mission. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s a smooth transition.

Getting from A to B as far as implementing digitally-focussed systems is concerned can feel overwhelming and leave you pushing program development to the bottom of the ever-growing to-do list.

Here are five easy ways to embrace digital technology in the fundraising office, that won’t make your life harder!

1) Utilise your website

Assign someone to manage website content to keep it fresh and relevant.

Just like the reception desk at your office, your website is an online entry point into your business or organisation.

Get it traffic ready!

You may spend all the time and money getting visitors to your website only for them to leave shortly after.

Gathering data from your website through newsletter signups, enquiry forms, digital downloads, event registration forms, membership applications and sales from your webshop is the key to building your future.

With the right technology, this information can be imported directly into your database, and your human to human (H2H) journey begins.

2) Clean your data

Any new data going into a digital system needs to be clean. By cleaning your data, it ensures correct spelling, verifies addresses, phone numbers and email addresses which all help to build donor relationships.

Once your data is clean, you’re ready to segment. This means that you are flagging, tagging, coding and identifying your data so that you can start your stewardship journey.

3) Email campaigns

A clean database and knowing who is on it are the key to any successful email campaign.

Time taken here will save you any embarrassment or errors and ultimately save you money.

A database segmented into types such as given or not given, or individual or business will determine the kind of content and the value and benefits you are going to communicate.

You may have your data in a spreadsheet, and you upload into your digital email platform manually. Or perhaps you have a more sophisticated database like SupporterHub that is automatically feeding data.

Either way, you need to know about the people on your data. Where they live, what their interests are, what connections they have with you and where do they fit into your stewardship plan.

Are they new into your database? Have they made a few interactions with your cause or are they a long term supporter? Knowing this information is invaluable.

Once you have your data sorted, you are ready to design your campaign.

Many email platforms offer a free startup package for those that only send out a few email campaigns a month to more sophisticated platforms that offer full automation.

Ideally, you want to aim for a database that integrates with your email platform that then starts an automated journey that is well thought out and planned.

No matter what your budget, embracing an email platform and having it work for you can make a big difference in your fundraising efforts.

SupporterHub has the capacity to automate email campaigns and integrate them with your database to increase efficiencies.

4) Social media and blogging

You may wonder how an online presence such as social media and blogging will help your fundraising?

People need to know what you do and how they can make a difference by supporting your cause.

Embracing digital technology and having a social media presence will give you many opportunities to share your story and to reach people far and wide.

Ultimately, you want people to visit your website as this is your entry point into your organisation or business.

Having a social media strategy that includes links to your website and links to your blogs is a big part of forming an overall online digital presence. Just like your website, you keep it fresh and ready for traffic. 

From the information you collect from your website, you are beginning to build a database.

Before you know it, you start to learn who your audience is, what interactions they have, what stories they like, and who is commenting on and sharing your material.

A person knowing and learning about your cause is more likely to connect with you, and when the time is right for them, they will most likely support you.

5) Event registration platforms and peer-to-peer fundraising

Events form a large part of traditional fundraising and embracing new technology that saves you time and money, is worth every cent.

Ideally having event registrations and fundraising pages created all in one process will get you miles ahead. The same is said for automated systems that download information straight into your database or CRM.

It will free up your time so that you can start engaging with your supporters and offering them your support. These are the people who will be your advocates! The ones that have reached the top of any stewardship journey.

SupporterHub is a data-centric donor management platform that helps charities adopt digitally-focussed systems. Reach out for a free demo of the platform.