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Five ways SupporterHub can help advance fundraising programs during uncertain times

For many charities, this recent period of unrest may have been about little more than survival. As the world slowly started to close, many have found themselves struggling to stay afloat.

At SupporterHub, however, during these unprecedented times, our focus has been on helping our charity partners advance fundraising programs and increase efficiencies. When life returns to its new version of normal, which it will, this preparation will help charities bounce back stronger and more prepared than ever.

SupporterHub is an integrated SaaS system with dedicated platforms including supporter management software, email marketing, web development, full reporting and analytics and payment solutions.

Here’s how SupporterHub can help charities use this enforced downtime to advance fundraising programs and improve fundraising outcomes into the future.

1) Integrated donor database solution

SupporterHub is an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) platform specifically designed to increase efficiencies and simplify systems within a charity environment.

The benefits of holding all donor data in one place speak for themselves. SupporterHub, however, goes beyond data storage with the Direct Relationships feature which provides an extra personal touch to supporters.

The relationship-building module is a record-keeping tool allowing users to track the following:

  • All contacts including phone calls, emails and meetings
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Gift commitments and whether they’ve been fulfilled
  • Conversation notes

While teams are spread out with many working remotely, having the capacity to record all contacts with donors during this time is crucial.

Not only does this contribute to stronger relationships with supporters into the future, but it also helps gives a snapshot view of all donor history that may be overlooked as the team has been separated.

2) Streamline email marketing and communication

The comprehensive email and marketing platform allows users to create, send and report on targeted email campaigns driven by data.

Essential in this unstable market is also the opportunity for A/B testing which allows analysis of the success of campaigns. The sophisticated segmenting tool will identify those who are likely to donate based on previous giving history and existing habits and exclude those who aren’t.

3) Website builder

The comprehensive website builder module will help keep a website current during these uncertain times.

Having full control over building new pages, tracking website visitors, creating new pages for online merchandise sales and donation page integration will help keep donors and potential supporters constantly informed in a highly changeable market.

4) Unique fundraising perspective

SupporterHub was uniquely created for a global non-profit with the objective to streamline systems and increase efficiencies within a busy fundraising environment.

When you choose SupporterHub, you’re choosing a system designed specifically for charities rather than a for-profit system with often costly charity add-ons.

Because of this unique insight and with our experience specifically relating to solving charity problems, we know exactly what charities need to endure the particularly difficult environment currently experienced by many.

5) Structured reporting

SupporterHub’s reporting and analytics module is far superior to any on the market. Use this downtime to complete outstanding analysis on previous fundraising programs to help identify which are working and which resources might be better spent elsewhere in the future.

Digital fundraising in the charity sector is evolving fast, and SupporterHub will help you keep the pace.

All the features and modules required to run a charity are in-built into the platform making it the simplest yet most effective system available.

We understand that 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for charities across Australia. We’ve extended our free trial period to help charities use this time to get better prepared from a technological perspective and start off on the front foot once life returns to normal. To find out about our free trial, contact us today.