Four steps to enhance digital experience for better fundraising outcomes

With more than 22 million Australians regularly using the internet, a supporter’s digital experience is critical to fundraising outcomes. Here are four steps to improve digital experience for better fundraising outcomes.

With more than 22 million Australians regularly using the internet, a supporter’s digital experience is critical to fundraising outcomes.

If digital assets are slow to run, hard to use or fail to engage an audience, supporters will be deterred. They’ll be less likely to donate and more likely to find a charity that understands and meets their online needs.

Regardless of organisational goals, put simply, it’s the quality of the digital experience that enhances fundraising results for a charity into the future.

When systems such as the CRM, email marketing and the website are integrated, a donor only needs to enter or edit their information once to update all platforms simultaneously.

When making a donation, giving history is also updated across all platforms avoiding the risk of sending appeals to those who have recently given.

This sophisticated level of integration ensures a more streamlined experience for the supporter contributing to better charity-donor relationships.

2) Create personalised, engaging content

Email marketing is competitive. Creating a captivating subject line is the first step to encouraging someone to read an appeal in a crowded inbox. The next step is accurate personalisation.

Nobody wants to read anything addressed to ‘dear sir/madam’. And with today’s digital capabilities, there’s no need for them to do so. Use first names spelt correctly and refer to supporters specific giving history to build the all-important rapport necessary to help a donor reach their giving potential.

3) Make sure the website is user-friendly

The website is a charity’s most critical digital tool. The home page must work hard to provide a positive experience for the donor and encourage them to give again and again. The website must also work on your behalf to communicate with new supporters who are still deciding if yours is a cause worthy of their donated dollar.

If a website is slow to load, fails to address security concerns or is hard to read, visitors will give up. And many are unlikely to try again later.

The website must have easy to spot ‘donate now’ buttons to avoid the user searching for how they can support you.

4) Create appeal-specific fundraising pages

If an appeal is watered down with general charity messaging, it will confuse website visitors and will fail to have the desired impact. Create specific fundraising pages for every appeal to tell supporters exactly what they’re giving to and how impact will be measured.

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