Fundraising into the future with online auctions

Charity auctions traditionally conjure up images of hustle and bustle as event attendees compete to enter the winning bid for prizes or incentives.

Going once, going twice…SOLD!

Charity auctions traditionally conjure up images of hustle and bustle as event attendees compete to enter the winning bid for prizes or incentives.

Whether auctions are a standalone event or an addition to a gala ball or community gathering, battling against each other is an interactive, engaging way to raise funds for your cause.

Creating an auction page with SupporterHub is easy. In just minutes, a charity can create a fully branded, engaging auction page that makes it easy for supporters to bid on any item.

SupporterHub allows charities to design a unique auction page, add start and end times to items and publish starting and finishing bids to create a sense of urgency within the community.

Why choose online auctions?

We often get asked why charities would exchange the excitement of a face-to-face auction for an online experience? Here are six very good reasons to choose online auctions through SupporterHub.

1) Anyone anywhere in the world can bid

To bid on an online auction, all you need is a stable internet connection, a mobile device and…nope, there’s nothing else. That’s absolutely all you need!

By sharing an auction page across online communication, with the click of a button, supporters can access prizes, make bids and find out more information about the charity and how their support will help further achieve the mission. It almost seems too good to be true, but it’s not!

2) Build ongoing relationships

Attaching a communication journey to bidders records provides an easy opportunity to build relationships with potential supporters. Create an engaging email sequence to onboard new supporters. Share details of your mission and let everyone know how they can get involved and make a difference once the auction is over.

3) Promote social distancing while the future of events is uncertain

Of course, 2020 has seen events left up in the air and even plans for 2021 are still uncertain. Choosing an online auction means you can still raise much-needed funds while following government directives to socially distance and keep your community safe.

4) Live tracking

Whether you integrate an online auction into an existing event or use it as a standalone initiative, the live tracking function allows you to follow the progress of the auction every step of the way.

Review data set against KPIs and key budgetary requirements to decide how and when to adjust your campaign. You can also feed this up-to-date information back to the bidders during the process to let them know how close they are to being outbid!

5) Automatically capture donor and prospect data

Online auctions through SupporterHub automatically capture supporter data and update existing donor records. For those with little-to-no previous interactions with the charity, a new record is automatically created so the onboarding process can begin.

Fully branded online auctions save a charity time and money while making it easy for supporters to help you build your mission while getting something in return.

To find out more about running an online auction through SupporterHub, or to find out more about the extensive features of the integrated platform,

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