Helpful resources for charities during the COVID-19 crisis 4 weeks ago

We understand the developing COVID-19 crisis is a worrying time for charities with many being forced to react on a daily and even hourly basis.

Charities form the backbone of the community so it’s in our interests to support these central organisations where and however we can.

To help charities keep abreast of changes that are currently impacting operations and fundraising, we’ve put together a list of resources that can potentially offer further guidance and support to small to medium charities across Australia throughout this uncertain time and beyond.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Association

The ACNC should be your first port of call for anything relating to changes to operations and fundraising activities or any legalities surrounding proposed changes. The central governing body is also providing daily updates to help keep your information current and relevant. 

Fundraising Institute Australia

The FIA is designed by fundraisers for fundraisers and is an excellent resource of information compiled by experts and those in the know.

It doesn’t matter where you’re located or the stage of your fundraising career, FIA provides all members with resources including online courses that can help formalise training, develop skills and drive your career forward.

As the impact of COVID-19 changes daily, members of the FIA have recently had access to webinar content compiled by experts giving their advice on how charities can move through and past this challenging period. This and many other resources are available through the FIA members portal.

Small Non-Profits Alliance

Perhaps more than ever, how we connect virtually and build online community is paramount.

The Small Non-Profits Alliance is an online community designed to help small charities connect, learn and grow.  The Alliance provides educational resources and creates a place for charity leaders to connect with experts and others who will empower you to fulfil your mission.

Basic membership to this online community is FREE you can join for FREE here. In the coming weeks and months, The Small Non-Profits Alliance will be offering webinars, Facebook videos and other initiatives to help small non-profits feel more supported as things unfold.

You can also download Small but Mighty, a free podcast resource. A special edition is soon to be released providing helpful tips for small charities during the current COVID-19 situation which will be available here.

Volunteering Australia

Volunteers are considered employees under the Workplace Health and Safety Act and as such, should be treated in exactly the same manner. You can find out more about your obligations to volunteers by contacting Volunteer Australia directly.

Pro Bono Australia

Pro Bono Australia is an up-to-date news and information resource providing free information for all charities. Keep a regular eye on this website to access relevant information including any grant funding opportunities that may be made available now and into the future.

Government Health

The Health Department is providing daily updates regarding government measures to keep the wheels of the country turning. The government’s second stimulus package revealed cash payments and a loan guarantee scheme for all enterprises including not-for-profits. A third stimulus package is expected to be announced in the coming days, you can find details here.


SupporterHub provides a multifunctional donor database and fundraising system to help charities build better relationships with donors and maximise fundraising outcomes.  

In this environment where traditional fundraising solutions such as events are not possible, SupporterHub has a mixture of digital fundraising solutions to help your charity raise funds, including 100% online auctions and raffle solutions.

Additionally, to help charities through this period of uncertainty, we’re currently offering extended trial periods to encourage charity leaders to use this time to become better prepared for the future from a technology and fundraising perspective. Reach out now for your free demo and arrange your free trial period.

Advice and recommendations won’t cost a cent and we encourage charity leaders to reach out to find out how we can help your charity recover and grow into the future.

The number one priority of a charity is the safety and wellbeing of staff, the community and those who benefit from the charities mission. COVID-19 is continually evolving.

Regularly checking in with these resources specifically designed to help Australian charities through these times of adversity will give charities every opportunity to keep running today and into the future.