How charities can build connections with supporters during times of isolation

Regardless of your fundraising best practice, as charities battle with a largely isolated supporter base into the future, here’s how your organisation can create the connection required to help a donor reach their giving potential.

As the world slowly returns to normal post-pandemic, it’s fair to say that for many charities, fundraising practice may never be the same again.

While the sector has grappled with an unstable economic climate, a ban on face-to-face events and full lockdowns over the past 18 months, many have risen to the challenge. Processes and systems have been innovated and many charities have come out on top. For others, fundraising protocol is likely to take a little longer to return to business as usual.

But as we adapt to isolation as a new norm, donors still crave (and deserve) connection with the charities they support. They want to know that their gifts are making a tangible difference and helping to change the world one dollar at a time.

By utilising social media and email marketing, you can keep supporters informed every step of the way raising excitement and creating valuable connection. The additional bonus of an online raffle is that supporter data is automatically captured allowing you to build your list and create further connection in future.

Digital auctions

While you can’t beat the atmosphere in the room of a live auction, digital auctions can be just as electric! With bids and budget tracking in real-time, digital auctions allow participants to bid against each other to take home the ultimate prize. Additionally, digital auctions allow a charity to harness the support of local businesses and members of the community who wish to offer pro bono support by donating auction items.

Regular communication via email

During times of isolation, email marketing has never been more important to your cause. We already know that donors want to hear from a charity outside of the regular appeals. Newsletters and ‘check ins’ through a sophisticated email platform help a charity build rapport and connect with supporters from the comfort of their own home.

Video calling

Effective donor stewardship is built on the foundations of strong relationships. While many of your major donors and key supporters may have been isolated, it’s been more critical than ever that relationships that rely on face-to-face contact don’t fall by the wayside.

Fortunately, technology that allows you to continue business as relative normal is at your disposal. Schedule face-to-face meetings as normal and make proper use of video calling facilities. If you can’t get there in person, make every effort to jump on a video call to build important connection with your most valuable supporters.


The opportunity to correspond with donors is endless regardless of what’s going on in the world. With social media platforms, email marketing and of course direct mail at your disposal, there’s no reason supporters should ever wonder why they haven’t heard from you.

When you communicate with supporters, always personalise correspondence to create important connection. Those on your database (whether they’ve given before or not), want to feel like they’re hearing from someone who knows them. The only way to do that is to use their names. You can even go one step further and refer to previous donations or campaigns supported.

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