How choosing an effective CRM can boost fundraising income

We understand how overwhelming it can be for a charity to choose a new donor database, CRM or supporter management system.
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We understand how overwhelming it can be for a charity to choose a new donor database, CRM or supporter management system.

Irrespective of the systems and procedures already in place, transitioning to a new platform (regardless of how many bells and whistles it has), can be time-consuming and can raise concerns about the security of data.

But even though there may be apprehension, it doesn’t mean a new database should be avoided completely. The benefits of transitioning to an integrated system that can streamline procedures and help staff build better relationships with donors can far outweigh any initial uncertainty

Supporters and donors want to feel like they’re talking to an old friend when they hear from you. Having so much information at your fingertips will help build those solid relational foundations that leads to increased giving.

Better analysis of campaigns

The most important part of a campaign is the analysis. Assessing comprehensive data provides vital information about how effective campaigns are, how supporters have responded, who has donated, how they’ve donated and when. This data can be broken down further into personal and lifestyle factors such as age, gender, location and income bracket to allow for even more targeted campaigns in future.

More effective email marketing and communication

Email marketing is the most efficient and cost-effective channel to reach a targeted audience. An effective platform will help achieve the following:

Create seamless onboarding sequences

Automatically move email addresses to appropriate campaigns depending on user response

Automatically process removal requests

Directly link to websites and fundraising pages

Directly link to websites and fundraising pages

Save time

An integrated platform will save time across all processes and procedures. By choosing an effective CRM, you won’t waste time updating multiple systems or double handling data. Instead, tasks will be carried out once and in the most efficient way.

Makes giving easier

Donors are looking for a straightforward, easy giving process. They don’t want to wait on hold, get passed between departments or follow complex processes. They simply want to give when they want to in a way that suits them.

Choosing a platform that directly links with a payment gateway, website and email marketing gives the best chance to meet the donors’ primary need to give simply.

SupporterHub is an integrated SaaS platform featuring dedicated fundraising modules as standard. Combining email marketing, websites and fundraising pages, accounting modules, online fundraising and even digital auction and raffles, the platform features everything a charity needs to boost fundraising results and achieve the best outcomes.

SupporterHub is currently offering a 30-day FREE trial to give charities the opportunity to see for themselves how SupporterHub can boost results. Learn more about how to streamline procedures, build better relationships with donors and increase fundraising income, contact us to sign up for a FREE trial today.

Advancing your cause

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Charity CRM Software plays a pivotal role in streamlining operational processes, enriching donor relationships, and amplifying the influence of charitable initiatives. 

Why SupporterHub?

Charity CRM Comparison Chart

SupporterHub’s ability to integrate with more products than its competitors makes it stand out in the market. But don’t just take our word for it; check out the comparison chart and see for yourself.

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All-in-One Charity CRM

SupporterHub is an All-in-One Charity CRM and fundraising platform purpose-built in Australia for the charity and not-for-profit sector.

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