How technology has created more effective working practices for charities during COVID-19

Charities have had to adapt quickly to remain afloat. But rather than cower in a corner, we’ve witnessed many rise to the challenge. Here’s how technology has played a significant part in keeping charities afloat during COVID-19.

Very few charities will escape 2020 unscathed.

As the global pandemic reached its peak, more people have been forced to work remotely. Further, social distancing regulations have severely impacted events and face to face contact which, for many, makes up the bulk of fundraising income.

Charities have had to adapt quickly to remain afloat. But rather than cower in a corner, we’ve witnessed many rise to the challenge.

Platforms with the functionality to help staff connect and collaborate are now used much more commonly since COVID-19. According to

The use of these tools helps to keep a team together and share ideas in an environment where creativity is essential.

Virtual events

With events put on hold for much of 2020, many signature events have now become virtual. Creativity has been required to adopt new systems and models for higher-income events such as marathons, fun runs and even gala balls.

While virtual events may not make as much money as the original model, with the right systems in place, the cost to administer is often lower. Virtual events also maintain community engagement which will be essential post-pandemic when the charity is running as normal.

Online auctions and raffles

Auctions and raffles are essential to raise funds, maintain connection with donors and create a sense of comradery among supporters who are all championing the same cause. Because they’re such an integral part of fundraising, many charities have moved raffles and auctions online this year to continue to engage supporters and generate support.

SupporterHub provides advanced online auction and raffle technology including real-time tracking and budgets. The platform also captures live supporter data and allows convenient bidding from anyone anywhere in the world. While events may be postponed, one of the most successful elements doesn’t need to be.

Integrated systems

While a team works from different locations, it’s more important than ever that systems talk to each other and update across the board. This removes all chances of missing information while reducing administration, payments and technical faults.

SupporterHub is a SaaS platform that combines donor management software with payment processing, web technology, online marketing, online events and auctions and powerful analytics. This level of superior integration is essential when processes are reviewed, and innovation is of the utmost importance.

Video technology

If video technology didn’t feature in your processes before 2020, it almost certainly will now. Video technology keeps organisations together and helps staff work from home effectively when many are working at separate locations.

For charities, video technology has also helped create and maintain the relationship between a charity and donors when face to face meetings haven’t been possible. The technology even provides an avenue to make face to face asks when it hasn’t been possible to connect due to social distancing guidelines.

Strategic communication through online marketing platforms

Automated communication via online marketing platforms has become more important than ever throughout the global pandemic.

Strategic, automated email sequences ensure that contact is maintained at regular intervals to ensure strong relationships.

COVID-19 has forced most, if not all charities across Australia to review their processes. Fortunately, we’re in a time where advanced technology is at our fingertips helping charities to innovate to the point where they’re likely to be more successful in the future.

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