How to choose the right CRM to build your fundraising income 1 year ago

Migrating years of data and records into a CRM might seem overwhelming and filled with more risk than benefits.

Re-designing all the systems that have taken years to build after spending so long gathering momentum could feel like you’re starting from scratch rather than moving forward.

That’s not the case though, and you don’t need me to tell you that if you’re going to make it as a progressive charity, it’s vital that you have data and processes amalgamated in a centralised system with digital capabilities that will help not hinder your development.

If you’re thinking of changing CRM or moving towards a new system to enhance your fundraising results, consider the following:

Choose a CRM that will grow with you

A CRM is more than just a database of donor details. An effective CRM will provide the tools to help you analyse data and develop your programs in line with donor needs.

As your income streams increase, so will the complexity of your requirements so the right CRM for you will have the capability to grow in line with the needs of your organisation.

Choose a CRM that will help you get to know your donor

It’s all very well collecting donor data, but it’s what you do with it that counts. Choose a CRM that can analyse giving patterns, provide sophisticated data regarding your donor and tie the two together to help your donor reach their maximum potential. Just as important as gathering data is implementing an analysis strategy that puts it to good use.

Choose a CRM that will help you know when to ask for support

It’s no secret that the number one reason someone chooses your charity over the next one is that you asked them at just the right time and that asking too little or too much can put someone off. Choose a CRM that will identify the engagement level of existing and potential donors and highlight the best time for you to ask for support.

It’s risky to rely purely on past giving history to know when to make an ask so utilise data analysing existing engagement level across all your channels and use that as a basis for your requests.

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