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How to create an engaging donation page that compels supporters to give

The donation page is a single webpage used to raise awareness of a charity, campaign, or current appeal.

Whether you have a website or not, the donation page is standalone and more targeted than a website and can help build online presence.

Creating a donation page is one of SupporterHub’s key features and is a cost-effective way to build an online presence and help raise awareness of specific campaigns.

The donation page serves several purposes. It may be viewed by those who have no knowledge of your cause, or visitors may be long-time supporters you’ve built solid relationships with. However they found your page, the one thing all viewers will have in common is that they’re interested in something you’ve told them.

And, once they’ve entered, the donation page needs to work hard to encourage that visitor to give.

Creating a donation page with the SupporterHub platform is a simple process. Here’s how to optimise your page to maximise the chance of conversions.

Add engaging copy

When someone visits the donation page, they’re already interested in your cause. The copy is the opportunity to give them more information about why they should donate. The copy must be emotive, clear and concise and give good reasons to donate. Be careful not to waffle, too much information may overwhelm or risk losing visitors attention.

Add a call to action

The number one reason a donor gives is that they were asked. Make sure you add regular calls to action throughout the copy telling the visitor exactly how they can help. Assuming that someone knows what to do once they arrive on the page is a mistake. Instructions really are key.

Use engaging imagery

Images can be extremely powerful and can encourage someone to give. Use images of real people your cause has helped so potential donors can see exactly how their support will make a tangible difference. If you do use stock images, make sure these are on brand and aligned with style guides to build credibility.

Share testimonials

If a visitor to your page is on the verge of donating, a recent testimonial of how previous support has made a difference is likely to encourage them to give. Use real case studies (always asking for permission first) and be specific about how every dollar has helped.

Mention monthly giving

The monthly giving program contributes to future income and helps a charity plan. Let website visitors know about the program and remind them how easy it is to become a member.

Remind donors of security

When created through the SupporterHub platform, the donation page is fully secure and links to a secure payment gateway. While we know this, it’s important that you also remind visitors to the page who may be considering donating. While many donors are happy to give their credit card details, many aren’t as confident in online systems and this reminder of security will help build your credibility and trust with them.

Add contact details

While you can add ‘donate now’ boxes and email links, always add a phone number to the page too. Some website visitors might have questions that they want an answer to before they donate but providing an immediate and direct point of contact will also help build credibility.

The donation landing page created through the SupporterHub platform is easy to build and makes it easy for supporters to give. The page can be integrated with the secure payment gateway and email marketing platforms to increase impact with less output.

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