How to find a fundraising platform that gives you the best value for money

If you’re looking for a fundraising platform with no fees, follow these simple guidelines to get the best value for money.

If your life’s work is centred around raising money for charity, you know that every dollar must be spent most responsibly.

As far as new systems and processes are concerned, due to an obligation to donors, there isn’t always room for costly ‘trial and error’. We understand better than most why charity leaders are looking for a fundraising platform with no fees.

While a fully functional, fit-for-purpose fundraising platform with no fees might not be available, there are some things you can look for when choosing a new system that will increase the value of the platform you choose and help save money overall.

Avoid multiple fees and choose one monthly payment covering all essential systems such as CRM, email marketing, online fundraising tools and fundraising pages. Choose a platform that integrates with a website and payment system to increase efficiencies and save time.

Extra support with installation and data transfer

Data transfer is a critical process for any charity.

Lose, duplicate, or create inconsistencies within existing data and you risk damaging charity-donor relationships and impacting fundraising results.

The platform that will give you the best value for money offers a fully supported data transfer and proactive customer service team. No problem should be too big or too small for the support team. The fundraising platform you choose should have a team behind it that is willing to grow with you.

TIf you need extra features to help your charity grow, this should be possible within reason at no cost to the charity.

Cloud-based giving every member of the team has access to the same information

While a fundraising platform with no fees is ideal, get better value for money by choosing a cloud-based platform that everyone can access. Choosing a program uploaded onto specific computers is inefficient, particularly in current times where remote working is popular. Get the best value for money with a program that keeps all users updated no matter where they are in the world.

Low-cost subscription

While a fundraising platform with no fees might not yet exist, some are priced lower than others. The key is to find one with a low subscription without compromising on service or platform features.

Subscription model per user

Paying for an out of the box fundraising platform can often result in unused modules that are simply a waste of money. Get the best-value fundraising platform by choosing a flexible subscription model based on users. As the charity grows, so will the number of users. The subscriptions required will then grow along with income.

Fundraising modules as standard

The standard price of a fundraising platform will noticeably increase once features specifically built for non-profits are added. When looking for a fundraising platform with no fees, opt for a program with all the modules required to build relationships, communicate with supporters, build an online presence and run online fundraising events as standard. Subscribing to a platform designed for for-profits and then adding fundraising specific modules afterwards is how costs mount.

Free trial

The most effective way to find a fundraising platform with no fees is to try before you buy! Rather than signing up to a free or the cheapest platform, or getting locked into a contract, take advantage of a free trial and get every user to look deeply into the platform capacity and decide if it’s fit for purpose.

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Charity CRM Software plays a pivotal role in streamlining operational processes, enriching donor relationships, and amplifying the influence of charitable initiatives. 

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SupporterHub is an All-in-One Charity CRM and fundraising platform purpose-built in Australia for the charity and not-for-profit sector.

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