How to implement a digital raffle to take fundraising to the next level

As developments in technology lead us to more sophisticated fundraising systems, it’s now time to replace the traditional raffle with a more advanced digital raffle.

As developments in technology lead us to more sophisticated fundraising systems, it’s now time to replace the traditional raffle with a more advanced digital raffle.

A raffle is one of the most tried and tested methods of successful fundraising.

Supporters love to be in with a chance of winning! It doesn’t matter how big or small the prize, endorphins are activated from even the smallest of rewards.

Follow these tips to run a digital raffle with SupporterHub and increase revenue.

Create raffle bundles to suit your supporters

A raffle is a key feature of most fundraising events. You can now create raffle bundles to suit the event and attendees offering a more tailored solution rather than relying on your supporters to adapt.

Send raffle tickets by SMS or email

No more losing ticket stubs or forgetting to bring them to the event! You can SMS or email the raffle tickets to the supporter, so they have them in their device from the moment of purchase.

Implement live reporting

As raffle tickets are sold, your personalised dashboard shows how you’re tracking against targets and milestones. Those in-depth analytics can highlight where to amend your focus in the lead up to the event.

Sell unlimited raffle tickets

Perhaps the most effective feature of a digital raffle is that ticket sales are now limitless. Wholly eliminating the need for physical tickets saves time and resources while increasing cash flow.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that raffle tickets are no longer restricted to those who attend the event. You can open up the raffle to the whole supporter base or, depending on the prize, even the general public. This increased exposure is an instant attraction for those prospects who wish to donate larger prizes which will naturally generate more interest.

Integrate with your CRM

A raffle is an ideal method of prospecting donors. Link the digital raffle with the CRM and automatically add prospects to the database. Raffle sales will also appear on existing donors’ giving history too.

Use QR codes for easy access to the raffle page

Adding QR codes to correspondence and requests for support make it easy for anyone to visit the raffle page and get involved.

Secure selection of winners

Often the terms and conditions for a raffle state that the prize can’t be won by a member of the team or family which, let’s face it, doesn’t always encourage people to buy tickets. As SupporterHub has previously been audited to ensure winners are selected at complete random, you can guarantee that anyone who enters the raffle has a fair chance of winning.

Sell raffle tickets in advance

As soon as the event is announced, anyone on your digital list can purchase raffle tickets with the click of a button. Those who may not be able to attend the event will want to support in some way so make sure you link to the raffle page in all correspondence as soon as you send the save the date!

When the raffle functionality is used to its full capacity, raffles are easier to manage and can increase profitability.

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