How to improve the donor’s digital giving experience to maximise fundraising outcomes

As the global pandemic sees more and more donors opt for digital giving, there’s no shortage of ways for donors to support their favourite charity.

As the global pandemic sees more and more donors opt for digital giving, there’s no shortage of ways for donors to support their favourite charity.

While there may be plenty of avenues for someone to donate, if a supporter is used to giving a certain way, they can, however, find change or having to use new platforms complicated and overwhelming.

If it becomes too hard for someone to donate, they’ll simply give up. Their hard-earned charity dollar will instead go to the next worthy cause who requests support instead. It’s therefore in the best interests of all charities to make the digital experience as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Website pages should load quickly, be clear and concise, and should leave visitors in no doubt how their support can help. The website should also link directly to the CRM to make sure giving history and any changes to donor records are updated immediately.

Integrate the website with an easy-to-use, secure payment gateway to put givers at ease.

Move raffles and auctions online

While events may have taken a back seat in 2020, donors should still have the opportunity to participate in online raffles and auctions. Not only do they support their favourite cause, but raffles and auctions allow the building of community spirit and connection too.

Fully utilise email communication

Introducing email onboarding or appeal sequences helps build genuine connections that lead to donations. Streamline email sequences to personalise correspondence so that donors really feel like they’re communicating with someone who knows them. Make donation links easy to spot, highlight the secure nature of the system and don’t forget to optimise for mobile viewers.

Make it easy to sign up to monthly giving

Monthly giving creates sustainability for a charity, helps you budget and makes giving much easier for the donor. Provide options to sign up for monthly giving on all digital platforms so supporters don’t have to do anything to show their ongoing commitment to your cause.

Create a streamlined process that links a donor’s bank account with a secure payment gateway and makes it easy to set up monthly giving.

Integrate systems

If a donor gives online or through an email link, they don’t want to be asked for support again outside of a reasonable timeframe. Integrated systems ensure that all records are updated with the most recent action to avoid donors being on multiple lists or duplicating records. Integrated systems also make sure donor records are updated with any requests to changes in mail frequency or updating donor data.

SupporterHub is an integrated system that links the donor database with the website, email marketing tools and online raffles and auctions. All actions taken in any of the purpose-designed modules are noted across all platforms to avoid errors and enhance the donor’s experience with the charity.

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