How to get involved in Giving Tuesday without compromising a Christmas appeal 5 months ago

Giving Tuesday is in its seventh year as a global campaign initiated by the United Nations.

In response to the consumer culture created by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday promotes spending in a much more positive way providing charities with an opportunity to promote their cause on a global platform. 

While anything that encourages people to donate to a cause greater than themselves is positive, the timing of the campaign is somewhat unfortunate. At this time of year, most, if not all, charities are already in the thick of giving season through their Christmas campaign.

Why take part in Giving Tuesday?

With the right systems in place, Giving Tuesday is an ideal opportunity to showcase a charity to those who may not already donate. As a heavily digitally based campaign, it’s also an opportunity to receive income for relatively little output.

Asking donors to give to two campaigns so close together is a big risk to the integrity of data. Feeling overwhelmed or bombarded can easily lead them down the path to unsubscribing, but this shouldn’t be a reason to avoid Giving Tuesday altogether.

Here are our tips to maximise the opportunities from Giving Tuesday without compromising a Christmas appeal.

  • Focus on donor acquisition

Giving Tuesday is an excellent opportunity to draw new donors to a cause or turn prospects into donors.

Instead of asking for money, use the campaign to focus on donor acquisition, engaging prospects, and gaining traction to your social media channels.

Remove half the prospect list from the Christmas appeal and add them to the Giving Tuesday campaign instead and run a split test analysis to identify the most successful strategy.

  • Identify patterns in giving

With two major giving campaigns so close together, you must analyse previous data and conduct strategic segmentation before sending a Giving Tuesday campaign. If financial support is the goal, to protect the integrity of the database, only ask people who are likely to donate.

Selection criteria may include:

  • Those who have given to both campaigns in the past
  • Those who have shown favour towards the appeal type (for example children, cancer, overseas missions)
  • Those who have never donated but were excluded from the Christmas appeal

  • Utilise social media

While the primary channels for a Christmas campaign are often direct mail or email, Giving Tuesday is all about the hashtag. You’ll therefore need a presence on Facebook and Twitter to run a multi channel campaign.

While Facebook is evolving into a more charity-focused platform with the addition of a ‘donate now’ button, it’s important to remember that Facebook owns all donor data. As far as donor stewardship is concerned, it’s not necessarily in the best interests of a charity to encourage donors to give through this particular third party.

While utilising the reach potential of the platform to gain traction for the Giving Tuesday campaign, steer donors towards your own platforms to make their gift.

When creating Facebook posts do:

  • Include a link to your website for EVERY post on Facebook
  • Make it easy – include clear calls to action an tell people how they can donate directly to you
  • Use the hashtag #givingtuesday
  • Give a phone number to build credibility
  • Use engaging imagery to attract donors  
  • Create a variety of content

Giving Tuesday is just one day, so maximise the opportunity to receive donations but without oversharing the same posts.

We suggest you create:

  • A blog post for the website
  • Branded, engaging imagery
  • A two-minute video highlighting the appeal.
  • A 200-word EDM

A variety of content will provide something for everyone without viewers feeling like they’re bombarded with the same piece of repeated content.

  • Thorough analysis

Every campaign allows you to get to know your donors better and find out what encourages them to give. This essential information helps tailor future appeals to meet their needs.

While the dollar figure is significant, it’s not necessarily the most critical aspect of a short-term campaign like Giving Tuesday.

The most valuable insights can be gained in the form of the number of new donors, finding out their reason for giving, remove from list requests and data on how people are choosing to give. 

Giving Tuesday is gaining momentum across Australia. By acknowledging the day in some form, you’re providing the opportunity for new donors to find you and get to know existing donors better.

To find out how SupporterHub can help you track and analyse data to support your charity growth, contact us today to arrange a free trial.