How to overcome five common technical challenges faced by charities

There’s no denying that the use of technology plays a critical role in helping charities achieve the very best in fundraising outcomes. Here are five of the most common technical challenges and our tips to overcome them.

There’s no denying that the use of technology plays a critical role in helping charities achieve the very best in fundraising outcomes.

As systems and processes undergo digital development, it is up to a charity to innovate along with the technology available to consistently stay on the front foot with donors.

Unfortunately, innovation can attract some common technical challenges that can lead to a charity failing to evolve. Here are five of the most common and our tips to overcome them.

2) Inefficient data handling

Efficient handling of data is the key that unlocks the fundraising door.

Poor or inefficient data handling has the power to damage important relationships and ruin the credibility of a charity. Identify the data needs based on the size and goals of the charity and adopt the most suitable systems to manage this data accurately and with precision.

All data should be accessible to every member of the team to build consistency in relationships.

3) Failing to engage donors and volunteers

There is so much more to fundraising than simply asking for support. In today’s digital age, a range of avenues should be utilised including email marketing and social media. These are low-cost (often free) platforms that allow a charity to build relationships with supporters in between appeals to contribute to fundraising outcomes.

4) Failing to focus on IT as a skill

Knowledge creates power which leads to results. An organisation that focuses on developing the technical skills of staff can integrate more sophisticated programs to streamline procedures and processes.

5) Relying on customisations

We firmly believe that for systems to have the biggest fundraising impact, they must be designed for non-profits first rather than having charity modules as a costly customisation or add-on.

Customisations can often fail to understand the unique needs of a charity making them unfit for purpose. Seek out technology that has been specifically designed for charities and is provided by companies who understand the challenges faced by charities and has provided a solution to meet them.

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