How video technology is changing the future of fundraising

With lockdowns, isolation and social distancing becoming the norm in 2020, charities had no option but to substitute direct contact with video meetings to maintain and build relationships with key supporters. Read on to find out how video technology is changing the future of fundraising and should certainly play an important part in this year’s fundraising strategy.

Every fundraiser knows that the key to helping a donor reach their giving potential lies in building relationships. Ultimately, relationships which are driven by face-to-face contact.

When the global pandemic took hold in March 2020, traditional fundraising protocol was thrown into chaos.

With lockdowns, isolation and social distancing becoming the norm, charities had no option but to substitute direct contact with video meetings to maintain and build relationships with key supporters.

Building relationships with major donors can often leave fundraisers restricted by geography. While a major donor manager would usually make house visits to those in the local area, when a supporter from further afield makes a significant gift, logistically this can become more difficult.

WWith video meetings becoming the new norm, relationship managers can focus on supporters who are giving from much further afield without the donor feeling any less significant.

Integrating video meetings as part of a donor stewardship strategy allows a charity to widen its reach therefore giving much more opportunity to attract new supporters.

More cost-effective

Visiting supporters in their homes is a necessary element of fundraising but also one which uses valuable money and resources. Travelling between destinations requires fuel and incurs wear and tear on company vehicles. All of which are significant budgetary items each year. Increasing video capacity has undoubtedly saved charities money and will continue to do so into the future.

Provides the opportunity to meet more people

Regardless of the size of the local area, travelling between donor’s homes takes time. Moving face-to-face meetings to video gives the relationship manager more time to connect with more supporters. This inevitably equates to more leads, more funds raised and more opportunities for the charity.

Increase reach with online events and auctions

In 2020, video technology meant that traditional events such as concerts could take place online rather than being cancelled completely. For those attending from the comfort of their home, platforms such as SupporterHub allowed initiatives like auctions to be managed online and broadcast into homes too. Not only has this online way to run community events provided more funding opportunities but it’s also created more connection and community support. Both of which are essential for successful fundraising outcomes.

A higher standard of professional development

Over recent months as travel has left many restricted, more professional development courses and conferences have moved online. The opportunities to increase skills and provide better access to more industry experts is helping to increase knowledge and produce a generation of more effective fundraisers.

At the start of last year, charities across the world had to shift quickly to using video technology as a form of survival. As we enter a new era in fundraising, the video capabilities which have always been at our fingertips have provided greater opportunities for a charity to grow and increase impact.

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