Launching a charity? How to choose a fundraising platform for startups

If you’re trying to choose a fundraising platform for startups, regardless of your mission, here are the most important points to consider.

If you’re considering launching a charity, we already know that you’re filled with passion and a fierce determination to do whatever it takes to improve your chosen area of society.

But we also know it can be overwhelming. As you put systems and processes in place, you want to make sure you’re using all the tools at your disposal to guarantee maximum output but by spending the donated dollar most responsibly.

If you’re trying to choose a fundraising platform for startups, regardless of your mission, here are the most important points to consider.

Look for a fundraising platform that has the capacity for email marketing and online fundraising, and one that integrates with the charity website to save time and build better relationships from the outset.


Whether you have ten donors or 10,000, the capacity to report on donor behaviour, as well as past and current income, will help you build more successful fundraising campaigns into the future. A sophisticated reporting tool will help you get to know donors on a deeper level while providing the functionality to segment communication appropriate to giving history. It’s this deeper insight that helps donors reach their giving potential.


A fundraising platform for startups must have the capacity to grow along with the charity. As both income and the supporter base grow, choose a platform that can manage multiple donors and campaigns allowing for sophisticated segmentation to build better relationships with a growing number of donors.


At all times but particularly in the early days of launching a startup charity, every single dollar must be spent most responsibly. Donors want to see that you’re committed to your cause and that you’re not being frivolous with their gifts. When choosing a fundraising platform for startups, choose a user-based subscription model that can be amended in line with the changing needs of the charity.

Easy to use

Regardless of your knowledge, when launching a charity there’s a lot to learn! Choose a fundraising platform that is self-explanatory and easy to use to help save time and implement systems that are easy for all staff to understand.

Supporter focussed

When choosing a fundraising platform for startups, you want to choose one that focusses on building relationships with supporters to help donors reach their giving potential. A fundraising platform should have the functionality to personalise data to help you communicate with the database in the most appropriate way. The fundraising platform should also have the capacity for online fundraising to help engage with donors in the comfort of their own homes, particularly during times of lockdown.


A cloud-based fundraising platform means that it can be accessed anywhere by anyone with a stable WIFI connection. In times of remote working or when on the road visiting donors or running events, everyone can view and amend all supporter information at all times. This up-to-date access avoids the need for handwritten notes or missing the vital information that helps you build relationships.

Ongoing assistance

Perhaps the most important element of a fundraising platform for startups is to choose a company that understands fundraising and is committed to helping charities succeed. Not only should you expect assistance with data transfer and everyday features, but also ongoing assistance where no problem is too big or too small.

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Charity CRM Software plays a pivotal role in streamlining operational processes, enriching donor relationships, and amplifying the influence of charitable initiatives. 

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