Optimise your donation landing page for maximum results 5 months ago

A donation landing page is a single web page containing all necessary information about a current appeal.

The landing page is often standalone to the website and contains only the specific information required to encourage prospective donors to make a gift.

When a prospect clicks on a donation landing page, it means they’re interested in something you’ve already told them.

They’ve clicked a link from a social media post or email, and they’re likely to be on the verge of donating.

It takes time and energy to encourage someone to visit a donation landing page. Here’s how to optimise the page to guarantee conversions.

Include the logo

While the donation landing page may stand alone from a website, it must still be fully branded to avoid confusion and build trust and credibility. Use the charity colours, logo, key themes and messaging to create familiarity with potential donors.

Clear and concise copy

By the time someone arrives on the landing page, they’ve potentially made their decision about whether to give.

Include copy that’s emotive yet short and concise. The potential donor will need confirmation of their reason to give, however providing too much information at this stage will risk losing overwhelming them or losing their attention.

Include a call to action

Often, the only thing standing between a donor and money in the bank is a convincing call to action. It can’t be assumed that a potential donor will know what to do once they land on the page, so communicate this clearly in your copy. 

Prominent ‘donate’ button

Donors don’t necessarily want to read long blocks of copy to find out what to do next. Make sure the donate button is front and centre and insert at regular intervals on the page.

Collect email addresses

From the moment someone clicks on your landing page they’ve shown interest in the cause and can be considered a warm lead.

Build the database and turn these people into prospects by giving them an incentive to provide you with their email address.

Encourage sign-ups to the newsletter, run a competition or add a handy lead magnet that will motivate engagement.  

To ensure a streamlined process, integrate the landing page with the email database. The list will update automatically, and valuable information regarding the prospect will be captured with minimal human intervention. 

Payment gateway integration

The landing page must integrate with a secure payment gateway system that allows safe electronic donations via credit card and PayPal. The payment gateway should also communicate with the donor database to ensure all records are accurate and updated at all times.

Fully secure

The donation landing page must be secure, but you can’t assume potential donors know that it is.

In the copy, make note that the payment system is encrypted (if this is the case) and upload the SSL stamp if necessary. We recommend adding a phone number to the page too to build further credibility and trust. 

Add a monthly giving option

The monthly direct debit program contributes to guaranteed income and helps a charity plan for the future, so conversions to monthly giving are a must. 

Include an option to sign up as a monthly donor and ensure that if a donor does say yes to monthly giving, the process is as smooth as possible.

Integrate with all your systems

The landing page must integrate with all systems that hold donor records. Nothing will have a negative impact on donor stewardship more than the donor receiving a call, letter or email asking them to donate if they’ve given recently.

System integration is also the most reliable way to protect data integrity and make sure personal details such as name and address are spelt correctly to ensure effective stewardship. 

Say thank you

Once the donor has clicked ‘donate’, the transaction doesn’t end there. This is where they’ll receive the first ‘thank you’ and a reminder of how they can get further involved (for example, volunteering, signing up to your newsletter, etc.).

Above all, a donation landing page should make it easy for someone to give. Ensure the page is clear, concise and free from bugs to maximise the giving potential of everyone who visits the page.

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