Digital Auctions

Say goodbye to stressful manual auctions! With SupporterHub’s digital auction software, you can raise more money and give bidders a seamless digital experience. No need for physical raffles or auctions – our Digital Auctions software simplifies the process while making fundraising more engaging and successful. Plus, it’s perfect for charities looking to go digital with their events!

How SupporterHub's Digital Auctions tool will help you!

Take the stress and hassle out of fundraising with SupporterHub’s powerful digital auctions software. Stop dealing with manual raffles and auctions, and let us help you raise more money digitally! Contact us to learn more about our easy-to-use Digital Auctions software.

Digital Auctions

+ SupporterHubs fundraising platform provides you with an easy to use auction tool that helps manage fundraising before, during and after an event

+ Raise more with an online auction by making it available to people all over the world

+ Encourage urgency with a showcase event countdown clock

+ Allow bidders to also make donations when they bid


+ Allow supporters to bid in minutes all through one form

+ Encourage competitive bidding with live leaderboards

+ Use SMS features and mobile alerts to ensure bidders stay in the loop and inform them when they have been outbid or when the auction has finished

+ Offer mobile bidding allowing everyone to participate from around the world

+ Encourage bidding with images and descriptions of all auction prizes on your page

+ Ability of allowing each bidder to only win one item. This means that a bidder cannot have a winning bid on multiple items

+ Ability to not show the winning bid amounts on your auction page

+ Ability to turn off showing the winning bidder names on your auction page


+ Add a raffle to compliment your auction to engage supporters who might have less than others to bid

+ Offer social sharing options

Email & SMS

+ With email and SMS campaigns all managed within the same platform you can set up automated journeys and once off campaigns to drive further revenue for your auction

+ Send SMS to winning bidders with details of their victory along with a payment link.

Donor Acquisition

+ Utilising the social networks of your supporters, you will be able to engage, grow and retain your own database and lean on these supporters for future campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions​

Creating your first digital auction and have some questions? No worries, here are the most frequently asked questions people ask!
How many auctions can I create?

You can create unlimited auctions through the SupporterHub platform.

How many items can I auction?

You can auction as many items as you wish but we recommend a max of 100 items to keep bidders engaged and the platform loading quickly.

Can I close my auction at a certain time?

Yes, you can schedule to close your auction at a certain time. You can encourage excitement with our countdown timer that will show bidders how long until the auction finishes. 

Can I also accept donations through my auction page?

Yes, you can add the option of donations within your auction page. This means that people bidding on auction items can also donate to your campaign. 

How will my bidders know if they have been outbid?

You have the option of sending your bidders an SMS message notifying them that they have been outbid allowing them to place a new bid. 

Can I add a raffle to my auction?

Yes. We think this is a great idea to combine a raffle with your auction as it keeps it interesting and engaging for supporters who are not interested in bidding. 

What happens if the winner does not pay for their auction item?

All bidders are tracked in our system so if the highest bidder does not pay for the auction item, we advise that you contact the second highest bidder to offer them the prize. 

Are bidders required to enter their credit card details before bidding?

No, we do not ask for credit card details when a person places a bid. From our experience, this can cause a lot of hassle for you and your team if that person needs to retract their bid for whatever reason. The person who places the highest bid will receive an email with details of how to pay and submit their details through the platform.  If they do not respond to your email, you can re-notify them from the platform.

Can I display the current highest bidders for each item live online?

Yes, this is an optional feature. You have the ability to showcase highest bidders for each auction item through a leaderboard on your auction dashboard. 

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SupporterHub is the only digital CRM platform your not-for-profit will ever need. Seamlessly manage your data, fundraising and donor engagement all in one system.

All the tools you need to attract, retain, and engage donors.

Encourage Participation

Encourage more bidding by sending bidders outbid SMS notifications

Real-Time Bidding Activity

Offer real-time bidding activity

Raise Even More Revenue

Raise extra funds by offering donors the option to buy raffle tickets

Preview Auction Packages

Allow guests to preview auction packages

SeamlesS and sorted

Secure & reliable payment processing.

With fraud protection and PCI compliance, SupporterHub’s payment processing solutions ensure that online donations are processed quickly, reliably and securely.


Everything in one place

Database Management.

Create an individual supporter profile for every supporter to capture the history of their relationship with your organisation and schedule tasks and opportunities for your team to personalise their experience with your organisation.


Reporting & Analytics

+ Track all bids and donations to analyse how each auction is performing in real time. 

+ See the supporter activity live for each auction item through a scrolling leaderboard. 

+ Identify the performance of all auction items and identify any gaps for improvements. 

+ Encourage participation and excitement with a countdown timer and donation thermometer to monitor progress towards your target.  

+ When each auction ends, you can measure how well it performed and track aspects such as donor acquisition and donations which will help you determine how you can improve your strategies for your next campaign! 

Why Fundraisers Love SupporterHub

"SupporterHub has been a huge gamechanger for us! The support from the team is better than anything we've known. We can talk to supporters more appropriately and our systems are much more efficient"

Sharon Keeley's Cause

"From setting up the back end, integrating with the website, data transfer and utilising Supporterhub capacity to it's fullest potential, we know that the platform will help Project Kindness grow to its maximum capacity"

Clem Project Kindness

"SupporterHub enables our network of shelters and our central head office to manage all communications, donor records, fundraising and stakeholder records all in one place. SupporterHub is user-friendly, relaible and built with the not-for-profit as the focus client"

Sallianne Women's Community Shelters

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Give your donors peace of mind knowing their donations are completely secure through our platform's payment processing.
SupporterHub’s Digital Auctions tool is part of the SupporterHub platform
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