Email & SMS

Building relationships with your donors is critical to increasing their loyalty in coming back and donating again and again.

Our custom built engagement tool allows you to nurture relationships easily via email and SMS.

How SupporterHub's Email & SMS tool will help you!

Email & SMS

+ Utilise our built-in CRM and personalise messages and automation journeys to engage your community 

+ Personalise email & SMS journey

+ Create, build, send, track and analyse mass email campaigns 

Segmented Donor Lists

+ Use the segmentation tools to create targeted lists and deliver more relevant email and SMS marketing

+ You can drill down on your users based on their interests, location or fundraising behaviour

+ By creating specific lists you are able to create content that is more likely to interest that group and increase engagement rates with the content

+ You can continue to build and test different segments over time to deliver the most relevant content to your audiences

CRM Integrations

+ Integrate automatically with the SupporterHub CRM

+ No need to manage lists within a separate email marketing tool, your supporter list is always update to date whenever you need to send your next email

+ With the tool integrated directly into the CRM, the supporter can choose and change their communication preferences at anytime, which will not only be recorded in the engagement tool, but also within the supporter’s profile

+ You can also track fundraising, grant or project opportunities through the different stages of completion

Automated Reminders

+ Schedule automated reminders for your fundraising campaigns

+ Increase your donor conversion by sending automated reminders to those who interacted with the campaign, but dropped out before completing the donation or purchase

Journey Builder

+ Create behaviour or interaction based email and SMS campaigns using our Journey Builder

+ You can set up automated journeys to start based on certain behaviours such as making a donation or completing and online form, with following messages to be driven based on how the supporter responds to that message

+ This helps to build a more personalised relationship as well as more engaging content

+ You can also run A/B tests on content, to create and tweak content to best suit your audience over time

Frequently Asked Questions​

Creating your first email and sms marketing? No worries, here are the most frequently asked questions people ask!
Can I bring my current email list across from another tool?

Yes, our instant data import tool allows you to easily import csv, excel files or even manually enter data so that you can start sending emails right away.

Can I create email templates?

Yes, you can choose from our library of pre-made templates, or create your own from scratch. Once you have set up your template with you organisation’s branding and logos, you will be able to easily pick this up and re-use it whenever you want to send an email.

Can I use the email tool without using SMS?

You can choose to send individual email or SMS campaigns, or you can create journeys that use a combination of both. 

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SupporterHub is the only digital CRM platform your not-for-profit will ever need. Seamlessly manage your data, fundraising and donor engagement all in one system.

All the tools you need to attract, retain, and engage donors.

Automate Manual Tasks

Set up automatic response emails based on specific triggers and conditions

Send Targeted Communications

Create segmented email campaigns based on user types and flags (e.g. volunteers, event attendees)

Keep Donors Updated

Send newsletters in minutes using our readily available email templates

Retain & Engage Donors

Send automated reminders to those who interacted with the campaign but did not donate or purchase

SeamlesS and sorted

Secure & reliable payment processing.

With fraud protection and PCI compliance, SupporterHub’s payment processing solutions ensure that online donations are processed quickly, reliably and securely.


Everything in one place

Database Management.

Create an individual supporter profile for every supporter to capture the history of their relationship with your organisation and schedule tasks and opportunities for your team to personalise their experience with your organisation.

Data-driven decisions

Reporting & Analytics

+ Monitor all your reporting and analytics for both email and SMS in one place. You can drill down on specific campaigns as well as track your overall supporter retention


+ By measuring your campaigns, you will also be able to understand what is working and what content you need to change to target your audience more effectively

Why Fundraisers Love SupporterHub

"SupporterHub has been a huge gamechanger for us! The support from the team is better than anything we've known. We can talk to supporters more appropriately and our systems are much more efficient"

Sharon Keeley's Cause

"From setting up the back end, integrating with the website, data transfer and utilising Supporterhub capacity to it's fullest potential, we know that the platform will help Project Kindness grow to its maximum capacity"

Clem Project Kindness

"SupporterHub enables our network of shelters and our central head office to manage all communications, donor records, fundraising and stakeholder records all in one place. SupporterHub is user-friendly, relaible and built with the not-for-profit as the focus client"

Sallianne Women's Community Shelters

No Long Term Contracts, Cancel Anytime!

Give your donors peace of mind knowing their donations are completely secure through our platform's payment processing.
SupporterHub’s Email & SMS tool is part of the SupporterHub platform
$ 99 AUD
  • Donations & Appeals
  • Events & Ticketing
  • Auctions & Raffles
  • CRM and Peer to Peer

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