Six New ‘financial’ Year’s Resolutions to increase charity sustainability into the future

The new financial year is upon us! To create more sustainability for a charity into the new financial year and beyond, here are five New ‘financial’ Year’s Resolutions for a charity to focus on in 2021-2022.

As the fiscal calendar ticks over into a fresh, new year, there’s no better time for a charity to re-evaluate its strategy, goals and systems.

While many spent 2020-2021 reacting to government restrictions and an unstable economic climate, as the new financial year is upon us, it’s now time to focus completely on building better relationships with supporters to improve fundraising outcomes into the future.

To create more sustainability for a charity into the new financial year and beyond, here are six New ‘financial’ Year’s Resolutions for a charity to focus on in 2021-2022.

Because of the unpredictability of the virus, the charities that had the most success last year are those that used the technology at their disposal and moved traditional fundraising online. Of course, we know there’s no substitute for face-to-face events, but when snap lockdowns are still causing the cancellation of major events with virtually no notice, having online options has been a saviour for many.

In today’s digital age, look at online options for raffles, auctions and major events such as concerts to reduce the impact on fundraising regardless of the climate.

2) Build a robust online presence

There’s no denying that online presence is one of the biggest keys to fundraising success. While a combination of a user-friendly website and engaging social media channels helps, it’s also important to create specific fundraising pages for each appeal to avoid confusing donors and diluting appeal-specific messaging with general organisational communication.

Your online presence is often the first impression that a potential supporter has of your charity and cause. Maximise every opportunity to tell your story, build relationships and encourage a website visitor to take action.

3) Focus on donor prospecting

While many charities spent the economic uncertainty of 2020-2021 nurturing existing donors, research shows that people are still finding new causes to support making donor prospecting crucial to the ongoing sustainability of a charity. Implement prospecting campaigns such as online raffles and auctions or add lead magnets to the website to help build a strong database that will lead to financial support for the future.

4) Prioritise an email database

Email is a simple, cost-effective way to reach existing and potential supporters to canvas donations or for general marketing purposes. By utilising a purpose-designed database, an email campaign can be created, sent and the results rolling in within minutes!

5) Integrate systems

As a charity is launched, it’s easy to implement systems that no are no longer fit for purpose as the charity grows. Let 2021-2022 be the year you analyse existing tools and platforms and commit to a single solution for all of them.

SupporterHub is a SaaS platform featuring CRM, email marketing, fundraising pages and online raffles and auction modules as standard. Not only does this help streamline processes and help a charity build better relationships with donors, but it also helps reduce expenses as multiple subscription charges are amalgamated into one easy, monthly payment.

6) Always have a ‘Plan B’

The world is currently uncertain. While many charities have continued regardless of these unprecedented times, the global pandemic has made us all realise that a ‘Plan B’ is essential for major fundraisers.

Consider how you would move a face-to-face event virtually if you needed to. Assess the systems you currently have and identify which can be moved to help fundraise online. It’s these backup options that let your donors see that you still prioritise your relationship with them, but you are prepared and dedicated to raising funds and using donations responsibly.

As we approach the new financial year, SupporterHub is here for you. As an integrated SaaS platform, we help charities build better relationships with donors to improve fundraising outcomes. To find out about our FREE trial (no credit card required) and learn how SupporterHub can help take your charity to the next level, book a demo

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