Six ways SupporterHub can help the end of financial year appeal reach pre-COVID targets!

SupporterHub is a fully integrated SaaS platform designed to streamline processes and help charities build better relationships to increase fundraising incomes. If the upcoming end of financial year appeal is filling you with dread rather than hope, here are six ways SupporterHub can help a charity reach pre-COVID targets.

There’s no denying that the past 12 months have been some of the most challenging in charity history.

At first, many charities believed it would be impossible to get through the pandemic unscathed. But as the sector has been forced to innovate to sustain fundraising income in the past year, some charities are reaping even better results than before we heard about COVID-19.

SupporterHub is a fully integrated SaaS platform designed to streamline processes and help charities build better relationships to increase fundraising incomes.

There’s no valid reason to plan an appeal without analysing data from recent campaigns. While the economy is currently more unstable than in recent years, there’s plenty of evidence to confirm that people ARE still giving. Analysing previous appeals and trends in giving will give a realistic indication of budgets and performance for this end of financial year appeal.

2) Website integration

The supporter platform seamlessly integrates with a charity website and email marketing platform. The donor record will update automatically with any donations or updates to personal details. You can then analyse who has donated, what time they chose to give and how long it’s been since their last support.

3) Data segmentation

SupporterHub allows you to personalise asks by segmenting based on specific measures within the database. You can specifically tailor your campaign to ask for a specific gift based on donation amount, date of the last donation and even lifestyle information such as age, location or specific interests.

The capacity for such specific targeting helps to build strong donor relationships and encourage donors to reach their giving potential.

4) Mid-campaign analysis

While it was once left to the end of the appeal to analyse results, access to live data means that mid-campaign analysis is at your fingertips! This allows you to see how the campaign is tracking and make adjustments for the appeal follow-up where required.

5) Less data handling

Because SupporterHub integrates a donor database with the website, payment platforms and marketing tools, there is less data handling and therefore less room for error. Donors can update their own details in one module, and this information will share the information across all modules.

6) Makes giving easier

When you choose SupporterHub, donors can choose to give in the way that suits them. There is no need for lengthy phone calls or complex giving procedures, action can be taken immediately as a direct response from the campaign.

Giving through SupporterHub is straightforward and seamless.

SupporterHub is an integrated SaaS platform featuring dedicated fundraising modules as standard. With no expensive add-ons, SupporterHub has combined email marketing, website and fundraising pages, online fundraising, digital auctions and raffles and even accounting modules. The platform features everything a charity needs to build better relationships with donors leading to the best outcomes.

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