Spotlight on conversion: Six ways to optimise a charity landing page

If your landing page conversion rates are low, here are our essential tips to maximise every opportunity to turn landing page visitors into donors.

In today’s digital era, an online presence is a non-negotiable for any charity.

A charity website is a central point to canvas donations, build a brand, tell a story and encourage support from those you don’t even know are looking at the site.

Combining the website with specific appeal material can confuse the donor and dilute important messaging so we always recommend creating a standalone landing or fundraising page for every appeal.

You only have a few seconds to let a supporter know how they can help. Eliminate the need for anyone to search for the action you want them to take. As they get further through the appeal material, multiple prompts should remind them to ‘donate now’. A charity landing page should have at least three to four calls to action buttons. The supporter should be left with no doubt how they can help. Without these visual prompts, you risk support to your charity ending up in the ‘too hard basket’.

2) Include a lead magnet

While the primary goal of a charity landing page is to garner donations, it shouldn’t be the only goal. Add a lead magnet to encourage landing page viewers to give their email addresses or contact details. Gathering data will begin the all-important communication journey with the long-term view of turning a landing page visitor into a donor.

The lead magnet might be a newsletter, entry to a competition or gathering sign-ups for a business networking event. Provide maximum benefit to the visitor to build the database. While this might not be an instant financial conversion, it will begin the donor journey with your charity. That potential is limitless.

3) Integrate with the donor database

By integrating your landing page with your CRM or donor database, you will save time on administration while reducing data errors.

Integration is critical to make sure the donor record is always accurate providing a more seamless experience for the supporter.

4) Highlight security measures

While digital is the way of our current world, online giving still isn’t for everyone. Make sure payment systems are secure. Highlight all security measures you have in place on the charity landing page to reassure those who aren’t entirely comfortable giving online.

5) Include a contact number

While the charity landing page should include all the information required to donate, the landing page visitor might have more questions.

Sometimes, donors just want to speak to a human being to verbalise their support for your cause. Always add a phone number to the landing page to make it easy for someone to contact you. While online enquiry forms have a place, when a donor wants to talk to someone directly related to the cause, it should be easy for them to do so immediately.

6) Use both copy and images

The charity landing page needs to tell a story. While the imagery is powerful, so is the written copy. Make sure you include a winning combination of an emotionally worded story and powerful imagery to meet the needs of everyone who visits the site.

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