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If you are working in a charitable organisation, you know how important it is to have reliable and effective event management software to help you plan and execute your fundraising events with ease. An efficient event management tool can make all the difference in engaging your supporters, maximising fundraising and growing your donor base. SupporterHub, an all-in-one online fundraising platform, offers a comprehensive event management solution that can help your charity get the most out of your fundraising events. SupporterHub’s integrated event management software can help your organisation streamline your event planning process and drive your fundraising success.

Here are some key requirements needed in your Event Management Software:

Seamless registration and ticketing process

With SupporterHub’s event management software, you can easily create and customize online event pages to streamline registration and ticket sales. SupporterHub allows you to design attractive event pages that capture vital information from your participants, including the number of tickets required, dietary requirements, and contact details. You can also set different ticket types and prices for your event, providing your attendees with flexibility in choosing the best option that suits their needs.

Streamlined communication with your supporters

Effective communication with your supporters is critical to successful event planning. SupporterHub’s event management software simplifies the communication process with your supporters by enabling you to send tailor-made, automated emails and SMS to your attendees, sponsors, or volunteers. The software also allows you to set up automated event reminders and follow-up emails, ensuring a high turnout for your event ensuring you maximise your donations on the day.

Design Event pages with your Branding

We feel that it is important that SupporterHub’s customers use their branding when they create an event page as it is your brand that supporters know and trust. You no longer need to use basic templates that allow you to just add your logo, with SupporterHub, you can control images, colours, text, ticket types, layout and more on your event pages.

Maximise your fundraising at the Event

SupporterHub’s platform also offers you the ability to run digital raffles and digital auctions at your event. This allows you to seamlessly raise more funds and engage your supporters at the event to ensure you maximise your fundraising. Additionally, this is a great way to automatically grow your supporter database as these people are automatically added back into the CRM, which is especially important in capturing the other people on table/group purchases. This ensures you can engage and importantly thank all the people that attended your event while having them in your CRM ready to invite to the next event.

Real-time data tracking

As an event organiser, having real-time event data is essential for making informed decisions, optimizing your event experience, and measuring your fundraising success. SupporterHub’s event management software provides real-time data tracking, including attendee registration, ticket sales, and donor data, allowing you to monitor, track and analyze important event metrics.

Integrated Platform

SupporterHub’s event management software seamlessly integrates with the rest of our platform, such as our CRM, email marketing, SMS, digital raffles and digital auctions, offering a broad range of fundraising resources at your disposal. You can efficiently manage and track your event data in one place, providing you with a comprehensive and holistic view of your donor base and overall event performance.

SupporterHub’s event management software is an excellent solution for charities looking to streamline their event planning process and boost their fundraising success. Its seamless registration and ticketing process, streamlined communication, simplified check-in, real-time data tracking, and integrated platform make it a highly effective tool for charitable organizations of all sizes. By utilising this software, you can save time, money, and energy, making your event planning experience more enjoyable, your fundraising efforts more successful and engaging with your supporters more effectively, before and after the event, than ever before.

Start your journey of raising funds for important causes today with event management software.

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