Taking Advantage of Giving Tuesday

Taking Advantage of Giving Tuesday

If you’re running a non-profit group or charity, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Giving Tuesday. But what exactly is Giving Tuesday, and why should your charity, not-for-profit organisation, school, sporting group, or community group get involved?

 Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that is celebrated with a one-day fundraising event each year. This year, Giving Tuesday will take place on November 29.

 Last year, 35 million people participated in Giving Tuesday, and raised $2.7 billion in total for various non-profits, charities, and community organisations across the globe. This year, the figure raised is expected to be closer to $3.2 billion.

With thousands of non-profits expected to take part across the globe, joining in Giving Tuesday is a great way to take advantage of the momentum, and encourage people to dig deep and give. Other reasons to get involved include that:

  • It is a long-running event that has been shown to encourage donations of time, money, and goods
  • It connects you with new donors who may not have otherwise donated to your organisation, with research indicating that around 25% of Giving Tuesday donors are new donors
  • Participating organisations tend to see a spike in their giving, as they receive funds that may not have been donated otherwise if it were not for the event
  • It’s a great way to thank your supporters
  • It’s a great way to show your organisation’s spirit

 Because Giving Tuesday is free for non-profits to participate in, and open to everybody, the only mistake that you can make with Giving Tuesday is not taking part!

 So, how can you get involved? There are three main ways for non-profits to get involved on Giving Tuesday. The first is to launch a special Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign in honour of the day, so that people can donate money to your cause. The second is to run a special volunteer event, where people can give their time or other resources in lieu of money. Finally, you might decide to fundraise for another charity or non-profit on behalf of your group. 

Like any fundraising campaign, getting involved in Giving Tuesday can be an overwhelming prospect – especially if you haven’t participated for, and are unsure of where to start. If it’s your first time participating in Giving Tuesday, check out our Giving Tuesday guide here, which will tell you everything you need to know to get involved this year.

 In the meantime, here are our top twenty ideas for getting involved in Giving Tuesday: 

  1. Announce to your supporters ahead of time that you will be participating in Giving Tuesday, and encourage them to get involved on the day (either by donating or volunteering)
  2. Use a variety of platforms to spread the Giving Tuesday message, and deliver calls to action at every stage of the Giving Tuesday process, including before, during, and after the event
  3. Set up a Giving Tuesday campaign on the platform of your choice
  4. Follow @GivingTuesday on social media
  5. Use the hashtags #GivingTuesday or #GivingTuesdayAus to promote your donation or volunteering campaign online
  6. Use Giving Tuesday graphics and branding on your social media pages and website in honour of the day
  7. Hold a virtual tour, Instagram Live, or similar online event to teach potential donors about your organisation’s mission, so they can see how their time or money would be put to good use
  8. Promote “feel good” stories from your own organisation, as well as other organisations that you read about online
  9. Encourage your supporters to post about your organisation and Giving Tuesday on their own social media pages to spread the word
  10. Like, retweet, share, or post about other organisations’ Giving Tuesday campaigns on social media on the day
  11. Create an online group on Slack, WhatsApp, or Facebook where your new and potential donors can connect
  12. Create an online donor wall to thank your supporters
  13. Use your social media pages to share real-time progress on your goal on the day
  14. Post online to thank your donors after the event, and share your successes
  15. Reach out to Giving Tuesday after the event, and share some photos and success stories with them – you might be featured on their website or social media, which will help your campaign to continue building momentum even after the event!

 As you can see, as with any fundraising campaign, a lot of work goes into Giving Tuesday. However, you don’t have to let this scare you off from participating! Instead, let SupporterHub’s all-in-one, integrated platform take the hard work out of getting ready for Giving Tuesday.

 Gone are the days when you needed to use a multitude of different platforms and software to manage your fundraising campaigns. Instead, manage it all in one place with SupporterHub – an easy-to-use, customer-focused fundraising platform that offers end-to-end solutions that cover everything from digital fundraising, email and SMS marketing to customer relationship management (CRM), donor management, and event management.

 Whether it’s automating donation receipts and thank you emails, managing regular giving and membership programs, or setting up online pages for donations, appeals, raffles, auctions, and events, we’ve got it covered.

 Above all, the SupporterHub platform makes it easy for you to create personalised, innovative, and intuitive online giving experiences for your donors – all at a low cost, allowing you to save time whilst raising more for your mission.

Get started on your Giving Tuesday campaign today by booking a demo or sending us a message! More information on Giving Tuesday can also be found at www.givingtuesday.org.au.

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