The most common digital challenges experienced by not-for-profits, and how to overcome them

If you’re struggling to make digital progression, keep reading as we discuss some of the more common digital challenges experienced by not-for-profits and how you can overcome them.

While best practice in professional fundraising continues to evolve, charities across the globe are being forced to innovate as competition for the donated dollar continues to grow.

Raising funds in a competitive market doesn’t come without its challenges, the most common of which are digital.

If you’re struggling to make digital progression, keep reading as we discuss some of the more common digital challenges experienced by not-for-profits and how you can overcome them.

Lack of ongoing engagement

If the organisation doesn’t have the resources to engage an audience on social media and online, the brand will be forgotten. Contacting donors and supporters only when an appeal is due fails to build the relationship necessary to help a donor reach their giving potential.

Build an ongoing social media presence, send regular newsletters and treat all supporters as though they’re a valued member of the charity to keep the organisation at the forefront of their minds.

Failing to optimise content for mobile devices

Approximately 50% of web traffic originates from a mobile device so all content must be optimised for mobile.

This doesn’t just refer to a website but also email communication, fundraising pages and payment platforms. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a mobile audience and if someone has to adjust settings or can’t view content quickly, the opportunity will be missed.

Ignoring performance improvement

Awareness of changes in technology will drive better campaigns, assist in diversity and create more opportunities for a charity. Working remotely has become increasingly popular since COVID-19 with some excellent results that nobody could have predicted. Analyse the organisation’s current structure and procedures and consider how performance can be improved given changed circumstances and how technology can support those changes.

Failing to build a list

There’s no denying that the past 12 months have been some of the most challenging for many charities. Charity leaders have been working hard merely to sustain an income. In these unprecedented times, it’s of paramount importance that charities continue to prospect new donors and carry on growing a database in every way possible.

Add a newsletter sign up box or lead generation content to a website and continue to gather valuable data.

Working across different platforms

Donor data must be handled across one integrated platform to streamline internal procedures and enhance the supporter experience. If a donor gives online, all elements of this transaction must be captured in their donor record. Similarly, how a supporter responds to email campaigns or any online activities should also be captured across systems.

Failing to have this cohesion across platforms means that important donor information can easily be missed.

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