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Tips to use SupporterHub to create a successful events page

Major and community events are the most effective way to collect donations, say thank you to donors, build supporter engagement and build your brand in the community.

While 2020 has seen many changes to the way events are currently structured, the integrated events module included in the SupporterHub platform will help deliver successful events within the confines of current restrictions.

Events module functionality

The events module already includes everything required to run a successful event, both in-person and online.

For no more than the cost of the monthly subscription, the following features are included:

  • Ticketing solution
  • Event pages with your branding, images and logos
  • Mobile responsive
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Real-time payments
  • Automated supporter capture into the CRM
  • Invoicing
  • Integrated into our email marketing solution
  • Tiny URL’s and QR codes to access event pages easily

Creating an events page to help promote an event and make it a success is a straightforward process. Our tips are as follows:

1. Use brand colours and logo
All events pages can be personalised. We strongly recommend you upload your logo and format the page in brand colours to remain consistent. Using colours your supporters recognise will help build credibility and encourage people to purchase tickets.

2. Use effective copy to introduce the event
Create copy that introduces the event, highlights the cause and explains how funds raised will be distributed. Transparency surrounding how funds will be spent is crucial, so be clear on what the ticket price includes.

3. Integrate with email marketing
The events module seamlessly integrates with the marketing module to help reach supporters easier. Design a full onboarding sequence beginning with introducing the event and finishing with following up those who haven’t yet bought their ticket. This is also an excellent opportunity to create a buzz around the upcoming event which will, of course, encourage further support once they attend the event.

4. Highlight all methods of support
Options to support at an event aren’t just restricted to ticket sales. Consider corporate or event sponsorship, in-kind donations for raffle or auction prizes and straight donations. Mention all the ways someone can support you to make sure that no opportunity is missed.

Case study

Sporting Chance used the SupporterHub platform to facilitate a race day last year. The first step was to import the data into the email marketing platform and send an email to recipients advising them to save the date. In the email, recipients were directed to the Sporting Chance events page which had the functionality to buy a ticket and make a donation.

The race day was a highly successful event raising over $60,000 on the day. The whole process was automated making it easier for the charity in the following ways:

  • No manual ticket sales
  • Email follow-up sent to those who had not yet bought tickets
  • Automated Processing and generating of receipts.

When all features are used efficiently, the events page can help make a success of any event while making it easier to manage in the process.

To find out more about how to utilise the events module to maximum capacity, or about any of the SupporterHub features, contact us today.