What is SupporterHub and how does it increase fundraising results and performance? 5 months ago

Grow your fundraising results

SupporterHub is an integrated supporter management and fundraising platform that maximises the capacity of charities to increase the impact of their cause.

Understanding the need for an integrated system that combines technology with Supporter management and a fundraising strategy, so charities can increase time spent connecting with their cause, led to the conception of SupporterHub in 2016 and ultimately the platform we took to market in 2019.

Progressive IT solution for charities

With many years either working in or with the not-for-profit sector, SupporterHub identified that resource-heavy administration systems were hindering the progress of charities and failing to honour the meticulous attention to the detail that is required to enhance fundraising efforts.

Existing technology options aimed at the sector are traditionally clunky, undeveloped, or lack completeness to meet the unique needs of tailored systems and fundraising programs. For solutions where speed and efficiency do co-exist, platforms are often unreasonably expensive.

Combining data and customer relationship management in one easy-to-use platform

Utilising data and customer service tools are crucial for charities which rely on fundraising to drive revenue. However, moving away from tried and tested systems and implementing or switching to a cloud-based data management system can appear to be filled with complexities and risk.

When you choose SupporterHub, our direct not-for-profit involvement puts you in capable hands. We understand the diverse needs of employees, donors, and internal and external stakeholders and manage data efficiently and effectively, so users can focus on managing programs and connecting with the cause.

Here’s how SupporterHub can increase fundraising results and performance of the charity:  

Digital Fundraising solutions

SupporterHub has an inbuilt fundraising module that digitally empowers, simplifies and enhances your fundraising solutions.

A fully integrated solution that automates new supporter acquisition, digital payments, receipting, event pages, email marketing and SMS making fundraising never easier.

Solutions include

· Event and Donation Pages

· Digital Raffles

· Digital Auctions

· Peer to Peer Fundraising

Enhance donor experience

Calling a donor by the right name. Sending receipts immediately after receiving a donation. Acknowledging key dates. Contacting a donor at just the right time they like to give and asking them for just the right amount of money…

All ways to enhance your donor’s experience with your organisation which are labour-intensive (read virtually impossible) to administer manually.

With sophisticated data tracking and analysis capabilities, SupporterHub can fully automate and personalise your donor’s journey from the moment you learn their name to the moment they reach their maximum giving potential.   

Streamline systems to increase productivity

It’s not uncommon to build the foundations of fundraising on a range of manual systems developed over time. This often means that charities aren’t working in the most productive manner.

The SupporterHub platform integrates and automates existing systems to simplify day-to-day operations by reducing manual processing allowing team members to focus on growing the impact.

Capture full supporter data and utilise its value

The advanced capabilities of SupporterHub can implement data analysis and testing to develop appeals and reduce the risk of donor fatigue.

Analysing data with SupporterHub’s expert capabilities will allow you to create a deeper understanding of prospective and existing donors from tracking metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, actions taken while raising awareness of your donor’s habits.

No more guesswork. Analysis of valuable metrics will allow you to tailor campaigns to the exact needs of the donor to increase both engagement and income.

Send an email ask at exactly the time someone likes to donate – and not by guessing, but because the data tells you.

Save money and reduce risk to programs through automation

With automation in place, you’ll spend less on administration and can allocate those precious resources to higher level tasks that will help you develop and grow your charity.

Automation also removes the risk of errors with integration, data processing, and programs such as regular giving and memberships.

Further, the pricing structure of SupporterHub is tailored to provide maximum value while respecting the restrictions of a not-for-profit budget.

Integrated automated email marketing solution

Advanced email functionality automates successful on-boarding of new supporters and build email marketing campaigns without the need for a marketing company.

Having a fully integrated solution between an SRM, email marketing and payments platform means that users can build an automated journey once and then let the system drive it enhancing donations and saving time.

Personalised migration plan to meet specific needs

Successful not-for-profits achieve significant milestones with a combination of creative thinking, passionate leadership and following business best practice.

Many systems and processes are therefore unique to those delivering them, so a ‘one-size-fits-all’ migration plan is virtually impossible.

We take the time to thoroughly research existing systems and capabilities and prescribe a migration plan that mitigates all risk to data and is tailored to your cause.

Customer-focused support limits downtime

Our advanced technology has never let us down, but IT systems have a risk of downtime for planned upgrades and security installations. We understand that every second the system is inactive will cost a charity money, so our troubleshooting and support service is instant to lessen the impact on fundraising.   

Support staff are located in Australia, with an on-call support option to repair issues 24 hours a day offering an uninterrupted service for donors and stakeholders.

Staff tracking to increase motivation and performance

SupporterHub has full reporting capability for team members as well as donors. Easily identify how staff are tracking against key performance indicators and other members of the team to motivate, incentivise and increase performance.

SupporterHub combines cutting-edge technology with the unique needs of a charity or not-for-profit to deliver a sophisticated platform that removes reliance on manual systems, enhances donor experience, and allows you to focus on your cause and maximise fundraising potential.

It’s one simple platform that has everything a not-for-profit needs to achieve donor success in today’s far more savvy, social and competitive fundraising environment

Contact us to arrange an online demonstration to get a better understanding of SupporterHub and don’t forget to ask about a FREE TRIAL.