What to look for when choosing a donor management system 4 months ago

As any charity leader can attest, outgrowing systems can quickly become a drain on both time and resources.

Processes become clunky, data integrity is at risk, and efficiencies are compromised as the team becomes reactive rather than strategic. 

The long-term benefits of introducing a new donor management system are clear. In the short term, however, the steps to progression can be overwhelming, time-consuming and can significantly delay processing times.

We understand charities have lots of choices when it comes to donor management software, so we’ve taken the hard work out of it for you. Here is our essential list of everything to look for when upgrading or introducing new donor management software:


Cloud-based systems increase the opportunity for collaboration among a team. They also allow users to access data – including editing and sharing documents – from remote locations in real-time. When income depends on the outcomes of meetings with sponsors, corporate partners and members of the community, this up-to-date information is vital.

How SupporterHub can help: SupporterHub is a cloud-based platform providing each user with access to the same real-time information whether they’re in the office, at home, visiting donors or even while commuting. This ensures records can be updated immediately, and all members of the team have access to the most current information. 

Full IT support

There’s nothing worse than signing up to a new system only to have your requests fall into a big black hole as you get to grips with a new system or when more significant issues hit.

How SupporterHub can help: The SupporterHub technical team is accessible 24 hours a day to avoid interruption to workflow. Instead of the usual 48-hour turnaround time to get a response, we’ll give you a direct line to technicians who are available at all hours of the day.

We understand a busy fundraising office has strict timelines in place, so provide a troubleshooting process that’s convenient, accessible and user-friendly.

Fundraising specific

While many databases and data management systems have fundraising add-ons, very few are designed specifically for charities. When deciding on the modules and applications required for a charity, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at which applications are relevant and essential with costs soon mounting.  

How SupporterHub can help: SupporterHub was developed from a specific requirement for an integrated database which acknowledged and met the complex needs of a fundraising audience. Each module considers the goals of a charity which eliminates the confusion required when choosing applications or add-ons.

Room to grow

As new processes, donors and programs are introduced, upgrading and changing systems to increase capacity can quickly become counter-productive.

How SupporterHub can help: SupporterHub has package options available from basic through to advanced custom. Choose the number of users and active applications as well as increasing the capacity of the database in line with the growth of donors.  As the income and database grows, so can your inclusions enabling you to increase capacity seamlessly and with minimal disruption. 

Data migration included

Whether existing data is held in Excel spreadsheets or a basic online database, the risk involved in data migration can leave many to delay implementing new systems for fear of something going wrong or systems being interrupted.

How SupporterHub can help: SupporterHub works with your existing systems to offer professional guidance on data migration leading to a seamless process. We guarantee minimal impact on existing donor records to protect the integrity of your current data.


To provide donors with the best value for their gift, charity budgets are often stretched to capacity with competing priorities. The system you choose should be cost-effective while not compromising on value. Your board or CEO will always want to see the best price and value for money.

How SupporterHub can help: SupporterHub is priced with a charity budget in mind. As a system built and operated in-house, we don’t outsource any element of running the program or service to keep user costs low. Users experience only one fee per month with no hidden extras – even hosting is included in upfront costs. The most basic package is priced per user to allow a charity to budget into the future.

Fully integrated

With time and efficiencies of the essence for a charity, the fewer systems, the better. Swapping between programs, logging into multiple accounts and learning new technology all takes time, money and resources that very few charities have to spare.

How SupporterHub can help: SupporterHub provides donor management, data tracking, marketing and email capabilities. It has a secure payment gateway, advanced reporting and analytics, and offers practical supporter insights.

Regardless of income, planned growth, number of donors or predictions for the future, SupporterHub has an option to meet all program needs. 

SupporterHub is currently offering a FREE no-obligation trial for all charities across Australia. For more information or to lodge your interest, CONTACT US today.