All in One Fundraising Solution for Schools & Universities

Streamline your school or university’s fundraising activities, communication and supporter management all in one system

SupporterHub is the only platform you will ever need if you work in the education sector

Consolidate Your Data

Set up your fundraising pages in minutes and start raising funds for your school or university.

Streamline administration tasks

Boost your operations and improve your administration team’s productivity with automated tasks.

Manage all supporters and communication

Manage your general school newsletters, as well as targeted fundraising campaigns all through the same system, by taking advantage of our segmenting tools.

Build your donor base and increase revenue

Create online forms and fundraising pages that sit directly in your website and allow data to flow directly into the SupporterHub CRM. Continue to grow your school or university’s community by centralising all your data in one place.

All in one

Fundraising Tools

From simple donation and appeal pages to events, raffles and crowdfunding, SupporterHub allows you to manage all your fundraising activities in one place.

  • Raffles
  • Peer to Peer
  • Event ticketing and management
  • Online auctions
  • Donations and appeals
reliable & efficient


SupporterHub ensures that your payments are processed quickly, reliably and securely. Automate regular giving and instantly send receipts for every donation, saving your team hours of work. 

Why Schools and Universities Love SupporterHub

"SupporterHub has been a huge gamechanger for us! The support from the team is better than anything we've known. We can talk to supporters more appropriately and our systems are much more efficient"

Sharon Keeley's Cause

"From setting up the back end, integrating with the website, data transfer and utilising Supporterhub capacity to it's fullest potential, we know that the platform will help Project Kindness grow to its maximum capacity"

Clem Project Kindness

"SupporterHub enables our network of shelters and our central head office to manage all communications, donor records, fundraising and stakeholder records all in one place. SupporterHub is user-friendly, relaible and built with the not-for-profit as the focus client"

Sallianne Women's Community Shelters

No Long Term Contracts, Cancel Anytime!

Give your donors peace of mind knowing their donations are completely secure through our platform's payment processing.
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  • Donations & Appeals
  • Events & Ticketing
  • Auctions & Raffles
  • Email & SMS Marketing

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