Why NFPs Need a CRM and How SupporterHub delivers more than just a CRM

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For charities and non-profit organisations (NFPs), managing donor relationships is vital. Without donors, NFPs would be unable to accomplish their good work and deliver on their cause. And yet, keeping track of donors and their contributions can be time-consuming and confusing. NFPs can greatly benefit from using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage their relationships with supporters and donors. A CRM system provides a centralised platform for tracking and organising important supporter data, streamlining targeted communication efforts, and improving overall efficiency. SupporterHub is one such CRM system that can meet the specific needs of NFPs. Here’s why NFPs need a CRM and how SupporterHub helps:

Centralised supporter data: NFPs often interact with a wide range of supporters, including donors, volunteers, members, and beneficiaries. Keeping track of their contact information, donation history, preferences, and engagement activities can be challenging without a CRM. SupporterHub offers a flexible and centralised database where all supporter information can be stored, making it easily accessible and allowing NFPs to have a comprehensive view of their supporters.

Donor management: Effective donor management is crucial for NFPs to maintain and grow their funding sources. SupporterHub provides tools to manage donor relationships, track donations, and create personalised communication strategies. It allows NFPs to segment their supporters based on various criteria and tailor fundraising campaigns accordingly. With integrated features like donation tracking and reporting, SupporterHub assists in maximising donor contributions and improving fundraising efforts.

Integrated fundraising features with your CRM: To keep your supporter data accurate, receipts stored against supporter profiles and to give you a single view of how your supporters engage with your charity, it is key that your digital fundraising solutions are integrated with the CRM. This minimises your double handling the data and drives operational efficiencies. SupporterHub delivers this integration natively with full suite of fundraising solutions built in the platform from donation/appeals pages, events and ticketing, DIgital raffles and Auctions and Peer to Peer fundraising

Automated data capture: Essential to the CRM is automated data capture to minimise uploading spreadsheets which wastes time and money. Key to and data capture is ensuring that the CRM has some Deduplication functionality to ensure that you keep your database as accurate as possible. FOr the ones that slip through this having a merge feature is also essential to allow you merge these accounts quickly and efficiently.

Personalisation: Donors appreciate personalisation, and a CRM allows you to store all the information with a donor’s giving history and interactions with your organisation. Armed with this data, NFPs can segment their supporter base, tailoring communication to individual donors and personalise how they interact with your organisation. Communications can become more personal, thereby increasing engagement levels.

Communication and supporter engagement: Building strong relationships with supporters is vital for NFPs. CRM systems like SupporterHub enable personalised and targeted communication at scale. NFPs can use the platform to send automated emails, newsletters, event invitations, and other updates. SupporterHub also offers features for tracking communication history, capturing interactions, and managing tasks, ensuring that no supporter falls through the cracks.

Save administrative time: With less time spent on tracking and managing donations, not working through multiple spreadsheets or disparate systems, NFPs can spend more time on delivering the charity’s purpose. A CRM can automate processes, saving administrative time and simplifying complicated relationships. With SupporterHub having an integrated CRM, Supporter Engagement and Fundraising platform all in one, we will deliver even further financial and time savings.

Volunteer management: Many NFPs rely on volunteers to support their mission. SupporterHub includes features to manage volunteer programs, segment these supporters, and communicate effectively with volunteers. It streamlines volunteer onboarding, scheduling, and coordination, enabling NFPs to efficiently engage and recognise their volunteer base.

Reporting and analytics: Understanding supporter engagement and campaign effectiveness is crucial for NFPs to make informed decisions. SupporterHub provides reporting and analytics tools that allow organisations to track key metrics, evaluate campaign performance, and measure the impact of their programs. This data-driven approach helps NFPs optimise their strategies and improve outcomes.

Integration and customisation: As an all in one platform, SupporterHub offers integration natively between other systems commonly used by NFPs, such as CRM, digital fundraising solutions, digital forms, email marketing and payment gateway. This allows for seamless data flow and eliminates manual data entry.

For NFP’s, a CRM is a must-have software. With busy schedules and many donor interactions, organising donor data and keeping track of donations can be a headache. A CRM can help manage interactions, track donations, and automate processes, meaning NFPs can spend more time delivering their charity mission and less time managing donations.

NFPs can further benefit from using a CRM like SupporterHub who provides a robust donor CRM and fundraising platform that provides many features designed exclusively for NFPs. SupporterHub makes donor management, fundraising and Supporter Engagement smoother, saving you time and money. With a user-friendly interface that can help fundraisers send personalised outreach messages to donors to track fundraising progress. SupporterHub provides a holistic solution to effectively manage their operations, increase fundraising, engage with supporters, and drive their mission forward.

SupporterHub is a powerful platform that makes donor management more straightforward and efficient, helping NFPs take their fundraising game to a new level! 

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