Your questions answered: Why is SupporterHub the best donor management platform for your charity? 5 months ago

SupporterHub is a low-cost platform for change that increases efficiencies for charities which rely on fundraising for income.

As a supporter management tool, SupporterHub is a data-centric application featuring marketing automation capabilities, website and payment integration, supporter insights and sophisticated data analytics to suit individual reporting requirements.

We have built a platform that eliminates the need for third-party plugins and add-ons for you to get started. All the features you need are native to our platform, and we even provide Platform Interconnects to allow you to use other platforms that complement the way you work where needed.

Our platform is open and comprehensive, allowing your team to focus more on doing, decreasing your operational costs and risk while increasing the growth and retention of your supporters.

With so much choice for donor management tools and with budget at the forefront of the decision-making process, trying to find a CRM for a charity or non-profit can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure exactly what features you’re looking for.

We’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you see why SupporterHub is the platform for your small to medium charity looking to increase efficiencies.

Q: What does SupporterHub know about not-for-profits?

A: The SupporterHub platform was purpose-built for a global not-for-profit to meet its unique fundraising needs across the world.

Developing the platform in line with the charity’s growth, our technical team have specific experience in troubleshooting and solving charity problems every day.

Q: How is SupporterHub different from other CRMs on the market?

A: SupporterHub is a platform purpose-built for not-for-profits. The charity sector is our core focus, and where other CRM platforms are built for full-profits with NFP add-ons, SupporterHub uniquely serves charities.

Q: How do you keep costs low?

A: When you chose SupporterHub, you pay for a license per user each month.

We understand that budgets and forecasting are significant for charities, so we make the finance side as easy as possible by only giving you one cost per month, so you always know where you stand.

The integrated cloud-based donor-management solution is directly maintained and managed by SupporterHub, reducing the number of vendors you have to deal with so we can keep costs LOW.

Q: How will SupporterHub increase fundraising income?

A: This question has many answers, and we encourage you to take advantage of a FREE trial license to see the options for yourself.

Getting behind the wheel of the platform, so to speak, will allow you to trial all the features such as email marketing, donor management reporting and payment integration to see how you can make improvements and streamline existing systems to increase your fundraising income.

Q: What if I run into errors or the system goes down?

A: SupporterHub offers 24-7 technical support and guaranteed service levels that means your donor support is never compromised.

Q: How will I know my data is safe?

A: We understand that changing systems can be daunting and that there are enormous implications for your charity if data is compromised. We offer a fully-supported implementation and support post install which means if you run into errors, we will be there to restore backups, so your data always remains safe.

Our platform is open and comprehensive, allowing your team to focus more on doing, decreasing your operational costs and risk while increasing the growth and retention of your supporters.

To find out more or to sign up for a FREE no-obligation trial license to see SupporterHub capabilities for yourself, contact us today.